President-Elect Joe Biden. Vice President-Elect KAMALA Harris: We Did It

When James Fuckface Comey made his BS announcement in October of 2016, I knew any chances at the Senate were gone.  And I knew the election would be a lot closer than it otherwise would have been.  But it still didn't cross my mind that this country would make Donald Trump president.  As a life-time New Yorker, he's always been a buffoon to me.  And his hateful campaign was the icing on the cake.

Late on election night, I began to get a very sick feeling in my stomach.  I shut it off and took a Tylenol PM so I could sleep.  When I awoke the next morning, it was confirmed.

I didn't watch Hillary's concession speech, and till this day never have.  I never will.  I personally believe the election was stolen from her by a team of toxic men:  Bernie Sanders.  James Comey.  Vladimir Putin. 

And they also stole from me. Hillary Clinton is a singular woman.  I can't say I will never get over what this country did to her.  Four  years of Trump and the fact that he received millions more votes in 2020 than he did in 2016 has taught me a lot about this country.  But I can say I will never forgive white women for what they did to Hillary Clinton.  And to be clear, I'm a white woman.  Fuck you in the 53%, you insipid, insecure idiots writhing and scraping for white male approval.  

I physically shook for days after the 2016 election.  Believe me, I understood what a monster white America had shat into the white house. 

When the networks finally got up the balls to call this election yesterday, my mother put up a very simple Facebook post:  Thank God it's over.

A family member attacked her telling her that networks don't decide elections, courts do.  Courts!  Not in a Democracy they don't!  This person also told my mother that the votes were illegal.  

The problem is that half this country is off the rails. They believe every conspiracy theory they're told. We have a propaganda network, FOX news, flooding their minds with insane conspiracies 24 hours a day.  

And so, people of good conscience can't even enjoy this win, because the tinfoil hatters shit on that too.  They can't shut up, and even let a senior have her moment of relief.  No, they have to race in, pull down their pants, and take a big shit right on them.  Let them know that only people who voted for Trump are legal votes.  Your vote doesn't count, it's illegal.  They're joy-stealers.

They spent 4 years loving, LOVING, having their boot on the necks of the rest of us.  Enjoying our tears over Trump's cruelty, his sadism.  And they're not going to let go of that.  

I feel sorry for those who care.  You have my empathy.  I know it's hard.

But to be clear: I don't give a fuck.  

Fuck you.  Fuck Trump.

Get those babies back with their parents Joe.  That's what I care about. And bring sanity back to the White House.  I can't say bring sanity back to the United States, because baby, that ship done sailed. 

But I'll take it in the White House.  For now.  I don't expect this to hold. 

The  most dangerous man in America over the coming four years?

Tucker Carlson.

So I take my reprieve, and I make my plans.  Unless I die unexpectedly, and you know what they say; Man Plans, God Laughs...I don't expect to die in this country.

You showed your asses through Trump white America.  And they stink. 


  • Catherine Chase

    Hi UK! I am donating to the GA races, as much as I can! I completely agree with you about McConnell. Thrilled that come January we will have a normal president, I couldn’t take much more of this bellowing bully.

  • UK

    Sending you virtual celebratory hugs! FB is a cesspool anyway…I’d not look for much good or affirmation on it. A crazy penance of a year, a big ending…I’m going to work on the Georgia GOTV next…it would complete our world if we could get the psycho McConnell out of the driver’s seat.
    Yes, half the country is crazy…the center of their ideology is ‘Own the Libs’. How long with that hold? One of these days, Trump will walk out in his Depends and not much else, and it will end.

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