Pennywise Moves on Arizona Like A

So, Pennywise Don moved on Arizona like a bitch last night as he kicks-off his 2022 white grievance tour by telling white people we are sent to the back of the line.


Now, as a white person, I can absolutely tell you that no white person believes this. We all know this isn't true.  We all know this is the exact opposite of the truth.

Back when the vaccines were first available to the public, only the boomers were permitted to get them.  Well, boomers and those with comorbidities.  Most white boomers are Trumpsters of course.  They know full well they were first in line for those vaccines, the ones who wanted them anyway.  

The ones who didn't are now making their own piss popsicles to treat their Covid. The ones still alive anyway. 

Trying to get in between a boomer and the vaccine back in February 2021 you would take your life in your hands.  You'd have better luck trying to get their Viagra, which they were popping while standing at the front of the vaccine line.

So why does Trump say it?  He knows it's not true.  Everyone in his audience knows it's not true.

It's because grievance is like cocaine for these people.

High on Trump's grievance farts, they cheer and beg for just one more hit.

And Pennywise delivers by beating up on trans people and women:



Now, Trump knows that no one is killing babies after they're born.  He knows that the former Virginia Governor never said any such thing.  Do the morons in the audience know that?


I mean, I don't know.  How could I know what someone dressed like that has in her head?  Obviously there's some shit in between those ears. She looked in the mirror and believed she should go out like this, so who the fuck knows what else she believes.

But Trump knows.  

Pennywise Don spent an hour or so incessantly whining about the election, employing his Big Lie that it was stolen. 

I don't know why this big whiner would fascinate so many, or how he became a cult leader, but he does and he is. 

Here he is trying to get Doctor Fauci murdered:



Listen, Rand Paul, Donald Trump, and Tucker Carlson are trying to get Fauci murdered.  And if it happens, they will say how terrible it is, and Tucker will be the best at acting indignantly outraged that anyone could even suggest he fomented this  murder.

They have already practiced their phony indignation takes, because they believe it's coming.  They want it to come.

They know exactly who they're talking to and how likely it is that one or more of their followers will eventually take matters into their own hands.  They like it. 

There is no innocence here.  The hands are dripping in blood, both already spilt and yet to be.

This is how Trump plans to get back into the White House.  Political violence, voter suppression,  the big lie, and his particular brand of incoherence.



But don't let his voters off the hook.  This is all on them.  Pennywise is a mirror through which the American people see their reflections, and many of them love the view. 



"I like the way he talks because he talks like me."


Get ready for a big uptick in politically-motivated violence.  

Pennywise is moving on America like a bitch. 



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