Owning Women's Bodies

The Supreme Court is set to overturn Roe.  I do have doubts whether they will overturn it or gut it to the point that the Texas "bounty that bitch" law, and the Mississippi law at the heart of the looming Supreme Court decision are permitted to stand.  In which case by this time next year, abortion will be outlawed in all Red states, effectively overturning Roe there. 

I believe there is a split among the Republican-appointed justices themselves on this point.  There are one or two concerned about blowback to the GOP from outright overturning Roe.   Because you know, the Supreme Court is "non-political".  

So we will see.  Either way if you are sane and live in a red state you are fucked.

Some will say "well, move then."

First of all, it's pretty rich to tell someone to move to another state.  That's not even remotely possible for many.  Second of all, I say no, YOU move.

Try Saudi Arabia. 

There are so many parts to this, and I think it's important to mention that the current court was appointed by two popular-vote losers, W and Trump.  Without a doubt the majority in this country are living under minority rule thanks to our beyond fucked up electoral system. 

It's also good to mention that Roe will be overturned in large part by a rapist (Kavanaugh), a sexual harasser (Clarence Thomas), and that another rapist and also serial sexual harasser (Trump) appointed the first rapist.   Oh, all "alleged" excuse me. 

I often call this court the Bernie Sanders court because if it weren't for that lemon-sucking little bitch, who made his political bones cock-blocking women from higher office, Hillary Clinton would have appointed three Supreme Court justices, not the (alleged) rapist, and biggest whore in New York, the conman Donald Trump.

But that's all bitterness.  I have every right to be bitter, and you should feel bitter too.  

Let's get to the guts of the matter:

Outlawing abortion is about controlling women.

It's not about the sanctity of life, and please sell that bullshit walking, maybe over the bullet-ridden bodies of dead schoolchildren, thanks to the same GOP being owned lock, stock, and tiny little cocks by the gun lobby.

Republicans don't give a shit about the sanctity of life.  What they care about is controlling women's bodies. 

The media won't tell you this, but much of the so-called "pro-life" base are also vehemently against access to birth control.  And eventually they will come for Griswald, as in Connecticut vs, the Supreme Court decision which ruled that a state's ban on the use of contraceptives violated the right to privacy.

And what will happen is that pundits, and male allies, will line up to tell sob stories about their wives (the good women) suffering from horrific bleeding and pain during menstruation which only birth control pills can alleviate. 

Stick that up their ass.

Because birth control, like abortion, is the woman's fundamental right to control the planning and spacing of her children, should she wish to have any.  It is reproductive freedom.  It is her bodily autonomy. 

And what it is all about is forcing you to fuck only with their permission.  The good women, the above mentioned wives, have permission to fuck.  

Decide now you will fuck without permission at will.  Whenever you want, whoever you want.

Nobody gives a shit about your period sob stories.  Stand up and draw the line.

Women will fuck without permission and we will not acquiesce to any other standard. 

We don't have to prove our pain to any doctor, politician, or state.

Because it's not about our pain.  It is about our fundamental rights to own our bodies, to fuck who we want, to decide whether we even want children ever. 

It is about freedom.  It is about pleasure.  Female pleasure is not a sin, and we will not abide any other standard. 

I was never on birth control pills to control pain or bleeding or any other reason.  I was on birth control pills because I enjoy sexual freedom.

And I will not tolerate begging anyone's permission to my own body. 

Die on this hill, but better yet, stand and fight on this hill.  Make them die on this hill. 

Don't join in with the sob stories.  You will fuck without permission, period.  

Say it loud and feel pride in that. 



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