On Trumpism, Family Matters, and Bully America

One of Trump's defining characteristics is that he's a bully.  Everything to him is about domination.  Not winning, losing, or anything so pedestrian.  It's about humiliation and domination.  He's a bully, we've seen so many examples.  His stalking Hillary Clinton around the debate stage, looming behind and over her, breathing heavily on her, is only one example.

Here he is instructing Suffolk County, LI (the Alabama of NYS) police officers to abuse suspects:


We've seen him do this over and over.  Demanding that protesters be dragged out of his Gestapo rallies, promising to pay the legal bills of any of his cultists who commit violence on them, etc.

Of course, like most bullies, Trump himself is a physical coward:



LOL.  I love watching that.  What a coward.  For comparison, here is Hillary "You Coulda Had a Bad Bitch" Clinton, in a very similar situation the same year:


Come on.  Come on!  

Anyway, although Trump is a pants shitting yellow belly, he sure loves to shit talk.  He sure loves to degrade people he views as having lesser power.  He sure loves to bully.

But what is it about Americans that so many responded positively to this?  What kind of a woman watches what he did to Hillary Clinton, and admires that?  What kind of a man believes this behavior is something to emulate?  

I don't know but America has turned into a nation of bullies.  Or maybe we always were, huh?  All I know is that my own family have turned into bullies.  It's something I've really struggled with.  My solution has been to emotionally distance myself from many of them.   

This week, I realized it's more of them than I thought, and that a bunch of them aren't wearing masks.  At all.   I had a relative come to my apartment, and she did wear the mask to come up.   I had told her it was mandatory here.  She took it off immediately when she was inside, claiming she couldn't breathe with it on.  

The next day, she made a comment on another family member's facebook post, that even medical masks don't protect you.  And then, one of my male relatives told my mother that Trump is the smartest man in the world, and that's why he doesn't wear the mask.  Because the mask doesn't work.  My mom pointed out that other Republicans like Pence and McConnell were now wearing them.  And he said that's because they are trying to stab Trump in the back.

And yes, you read that right.  I have a very close family member who literally believes that the fucking buffoon, Donald Trump, is "the smartest man in the world."

He also says Joe Biden is senile.  He has not noticed anything wrong with Trump's speeches, and he claims to watch them all.  My mother specifically asked him about this weekend's speeches.  He saw nothing.  Folks:




There's obviously something very wrong with Trump.  Whether it's sundowning, drugs, or he really had a stroke that time they rushed him to Walter Reed and never explained why, I don't know.  But what I do know is that his cultists don't see it, or don't care.  I'm really not sure which. 

Anyway, I do have an underlying condition, and I realized this weekend, that I myself have been guilty of a pretense.  I've been pretending it's safe to be around a select few of them.  And it's not.  Not only are they bullies, but they were gaslighting me.   Pretending they wore masks, when they do not and will not.  Going through the motions of wearing one in my elevator but taking it off as soon as they came inside, because they're so fucking delicate they can't breathe with it on.  Putting my life at risk without a thought.  They don't care.  If I died, they would be sad, but they'd blame it on me.  There would be zero self-reflection. 

So I made the decision to ban them all from my place, unless they wear a mask the entire time they are here.  They cannot remove it to eat or drink.  I have a deck, and they can eat or drink out there.  But either mask it, or don't come.  Until there's a vaccine.  I can only allow a couple of people whom I know are behaving responsibly.  No coincidence that not one of those few are Trumpsters.

Trump, the "smartest man in the world" has conveyed quite clearly to them, that only pussies and idiots wear masks.  He may back track here and there, and the media give him great accolades when he does, but his cult base knows he is doing that to get "them" off his back.  They got the message.

Thousands will die because of it. Thousands more will have life-long disabilities.  America will continue its slide into economic devastation, because you cannot have a recovery without getting this virus under control.  America is and will continue to be the Covid shithole of the world. 


Rich people haven't figured this out yet, but no one wants us, and they aren't letting us in.  America has been made great again, and bitch, you're trapped here.

And so am I.  This will all get worse before it gets better.  I can navigate my family, even though I sometimes let it go on too long, I do eventually set the proper boundaries and let them know; you will not cross this line.  But it's depressing.  It leaves me feeling isolated.  Sometimes, I wish I too, had been born a dummy.  Wouldn't I be happier?  Truly, isn't ignorance bliss?  I could have my family.  We could hang out, with no masks, and mock those who wear them.  Talk about how brilliant Trump is for not falling for the fake science. 

But I can't fit in.  So I separate myself.  

And what about the rest of Bully America?



Every single time you leave your home and have to go to a grocery store or any other store, you are taking your life in your hands, and you may be attacked by one of these Trump crazies anywhere, at any time.  They're crazy, and they're bullies, and they walk around with the rock solid belief that they are entitled to behave this way.

I don't know what to do about that.  I'm not sure how much of a solution pepper spray is.  I may find out one day soon. Because they're getting worse. 

I'd love to hear your family stories, and how you have dealt with family Trumpsters. 

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