On The 2020 Presidential Debate, White Men, and The Stupid Women Who Tolerate Them

So, last night was the first so-called "Presidential" debate of 2020, and I'm still trying to figure out white women here.   The majority of white women voted for this abusive monster in 2016, and I believe they may be poised to do it again this year.  Why?  What's wrong in suburbia?

Ladies, I have a shocking newsflash for you: Dick is free and dick is plentiful.

There's no shortage of dick.  Never was.  Never will be. 

A family member who I highly suspect voted for Trump, though she's never come out and admitted it, wrote something on her Facebook TL about how awful the whole thing was.  And one of her men friends replies:

"I just tried to watch it. 20 minutes of "let's thank sponsors" followed by the moderator attacking trump with every question? i thought it was a debate? I turned it off when they asked him about his taxes from 4 years ago. REALLY? What the hell does that have to do with a debate in 2020... good for him for figuring out how to save $$ on his taxes. He's a smart businessman
I don't want either one for president this election. Trump argues too much. And Biden's a moron."

Trump argues too much. LMAO.  Trump is a abusive monster and thug.  Last night was an assault.  Against Democracy.  Against a fair election.  Against the election process.  Against decency.  

But when Trump is so obviously monstrous, that's when they start with the false equivalencies.  Nobody sane could seriously think that Biden is a "moron".  We know who this guy voted for from reading that bullshit he burped out, and we know who he's voting for this year again.

But my family member who I suspect voted for Trump responded to this utter moronic nonsense with :

"I'm just scared."

Oh, hold me!  WTF?

Whether she voted for Trump or not, she's very Trump-adjacent.  Why?


When you're a white woman and you don't consider non-white men viable sexual or romantic partners, you are stuck with white dick.  And many white women will twist themselves into pretzels for that dick.

Leading to my announcement:  Ladies.  Dick is plentiful.  Dick is free. 

They could solve all their problems by noticing all the non-white hot men around.  But they have been indoctrinated by living in the most segregated suburb in America: Long Island.  And all they see is white dick.  They have blinders on.   Okay, and lots of them are just straight up racist assholes.  Yeah. 

Who got us into this mess?  White men.  

I have been looking over the Trump voting women, AND the what I call "Trump-adjacent" women lately.  And I've come to a conclusion.  In most cases, men fucked them up.

Take my one cousin.  She unfriended me on Facebook because I said we'd all be cleaning Jamie Dimon's toilets if the Republican's got their way.  This was under W.   It seems I was vulgar.

Now, missy Scarlett the fine lady, supports "I GRAB EM BY THEIR PUSSY" Trump.  

Makes no sense right?  Well, her father was a violent alcoholic who as a NYC detective was also armed.  He even held a gun to her mother's head.

This is how she was raised.  Her three brothers?  All vicious Trumpsters.  One of them goes around picking fights with women in stores when they tell him to mask up. 

Another female family member married a man who is loud, controlling beyond belief, and a huge shouting bully.  I really don't know much about her father.  But the man she married was raised by, you guessed it; an abusive alcoholic father. 

Their daughter?  Also a Trumpster.  

If you ask me, you can trace a line from one abusive motherfucking man to every single Trump voter in this country.  

And yet, women are lining up for their dicks.  As if dick was what?  

That's right.  Rare and expensive.  

How do we get out of this?  Well, with Trump threatening, exciting, and fomenting election day violence, and refusing to concede, I don't know that we do.

It's a fine mess that out-of-control toxic men have gotten us into.  White women won't be the ones to lead us out of it, I can tell you that.  They're too busy trying to bang the fugly stupid-looking dude in the header photo.  Because he's a prize.  


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  • Miss Ann Throwpick

    Also, all the men of that mindset watch Fox Fraudcasting and/or spout rightwing BS pulled out of their rabbit holes. If Fox is all that’s allowed on their TVs, that’s all their wives & kids are exposed to also. I asked a friend why she still liked Trump. “Because he’s kept his promises.” Which ones? “He built the wall.” So I sent a link to a fact-check website about how there’d been all of 3 miles of wall built. She’s a Fox viewer.

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