On RFK Jr.: Ladies Don't Let Yourself Get Dragged Down by a Man

Let's take a look at looney-tunes character RFK Jr.'s thoughts.

RFK Jr. says that in the future "none of us can run and none of us can hide" because of Bill Gates' satellites and also 5G, unlike... the Holocaust.

"Even in Hitler's Germany, you could hide in the attic like Anne Frank did."

These words were spoken at an anti-vax rally in Washington DC this weekend.


Does this imbecile know that Ann Frank was captured by Nazis in that attic and died in a concentration camp?  WHO KNOWS?  How am I supposed to know what a ranting maniac knows of history?

Here's a tip freaks:  Were you put in a chamber to watch your children choke to death on poison gas just before you yourself succumbed? 

Oh, you weren't?

Then you're not in the Holocaust.  You're not in the Holocaust, and you're not in a Holocaust.

RFK Jr's. wife is Cheryl Hines, who played Larry David's wife on Curb Your Enthusiasm and now plays his ex-wife on the same show.   

Yeah, so she was trending on Twitter all yesterday and today.  A lot of people wonder what Larry David might think about all this.  I get it, that part could possibly be funny because David is a funny guy.  And this absurdity going on right now with Kennedy, would be the kind of thing he would satirize on his show. 

But this isn't a show and after watching Kennedy's Supervillain origin tape, people are wondering how Hines could be married to him.  

Hey, I'm side-eyeing her myself.  But we don't know what she believes.  What we do know is she married this dangerous piece of shit.  And that's all we really know.  For a lot of people, it's enough.  They don't need to know more.

That's why you never let a sack of stone shit drag you down.  Be careful who you marry or even associate yourself with, no matter how good the dick is.

And honestly, I've boned a lot of men and it's never that good.  I mean, it's never good enough to be worth carrying this around your neck.   And please, spare me the hearts and flowers "oh but it's loooovvee".   Done that.  And spare me the "oh you must never have had great sex."

Yeah, I have.  Probably way more than you have.  So trust me when I say, it ain't worth it.  And wait 15 minutes, another good dick will come along.  That's something called real scientific facts, unlike your urine cocktails. 

Anyway, who else was trending over the weekend for being involved with a moron?

Shailene Woodley.  That's because her boyfriend, NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers went full Joss Whedon and gave the media a stupefyingly stupid, narcissistic interview.  Which you can read here. 

Rodgers famously lied to everyone by claiming to be "immunized" against Covid last year.  He got caught out, he's not vaccinated.  Which I knew anyway, on account of living on Long Island, surrounded by lunatics and MAGA morons.  I learned early on anyone claiming to be "immunized" or have "immunity" meant they weren't vaccinated but thought of themselves as  genetically superior beings who didn't need to be vaccinated against "a cold". 

Yeah, a lot of them are dead now. 

Anyway, here is some of what Rodgers had to say in the interview.  When asked about being immunized he replied: “I had a plan going in for that question to be asked. It was a pseudo witch hunt going on — who was vaccinated, who wasn’t vaccinated. I was in a multimonth conversation that turned into an appeal process with the NFL at that time, and my appeal hinged on that exact statement [immunized]. So what I said was, No. 1, factually true. I went through a multi-immunization process. And at the end of that, I don’t know what you would call it, I would call it immunized.”

A lot of people are asking "well, what did he mean by immunized."

Well, he probably meant he was eating horse paste sandwiches followed by piss-infused iced teas.

Who cares what he meant?  He's a moron.

So of course, his girlfriend, actress Shailene Woodley, started Twitter trending.  Everyone wondering, hey is Shailene down with this?

I mean, who knows, but probably.  She may be vaxxed because to work in Hollywood you would have to be.  But who really knows?  Her boyfriend had no problem lying about his status, maybe she doesn't either.  Maybe she's got a fake vaccine card.  Maybe she's really vaccinated.  We don't know.

Do I think it's sexist to start asking questions of the girlfriend or wife in these cases?  Well, I usually do think it is, but in this case not really.

If a married girlfriend of  mine started bragging about her new Pee-ña Colada recipe and I realized she was drinking piss because she wasn't vaccinated, I would have some questions for her husband, whom I would also presumably know.

Listen, you are talking to someone who kicked a Bernie Bro out of her bed so fast he didn't have time to find his skidmarked underwear.  (all Berners have skidmarked underwear).

I don't brook this shit.  You shouldn't either.  Because these dudes will become an anchor around your neck and take you down with them.

That's what men do.  Don't defend them, leave them.

There's no rule saying you have to go down with any man determined to Titanic himself.  Married or not, don't do it.  I don't care if you have to chew your own arm off, get the fuck out of there and go live your sane life.





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