On Mental Illness & Online Celebrity Stalking Culture

I came up on the internet during the time of "Galker Stalker" so I remember how sick people get over celebrities.  Stan culture, which very easily morphs into celebrity stalking, has always been dangerous. Especially to female celebrities. 

I thought that kind of shit died down, then came Instagram and Deuxmoi.

We have a mental health crisis in this country and that's how Trump became President.  That's how a bunch of violent morons got duped into attacking the United States Capital on January 6th and attempting a coup.

A lot of these mental health issues play themselves out in a very misogynistic way.  Incels everywhere came together online and birthed themselves into a shitty movement during "Gamergate".  Gamergate was truly a precursor to MAGA.   All of these seething dudes eventually became Trumpsters, and buried themselves deeper and deeper into bizarre reddit threads.  And then, Amber Heard became their current cause celebre.  The bitches gotta pay, whether the bitch be Hillary Clinton or Amber Heard, or some chick who thinks she can do gaming.  Doesn't really matter.  

But that's only one part of this.  Most of the deluded stans waiting outside the courthouse where Depp is suing Amber Heard over her Wapo opinion piece, are women.  Mostly middle-aged white women.  Why?

Mental illness.  

Take a look at this:

Reader, Johnny Depp is not Captain Jack Sparrow.  In fact, there is no Captain Jack Sparrow.

It's really frightening how a certain kind of person can go from being a fan of an artist's work, to a stan, to a deluded stalker.  Most of the stalking takes place online, but of course it does bleed over into real life.  See the aforementioned Deuxmoi which is an anonymous Instagram account where people send anonymous stories.  They also send in celebrity sightings.  The fans of the Deuxmoi page actually stalk restaurants the page has told them celebrities frequent.

They go to places like NYC's Carbone, snap a picture of their food, and say "@deuxmoi made me do it."   This obviously garners the account owner lots of cash.  Who knows how many restaurants are paying her (allegedly "her") to highlight their establishment.  She herself, has become an Influencer, I don't think that can be debated.  It doesn't matter if most of the people she is influencing are out of their minds.  They got cash.  And they want to spend it.  So she's making money on all this. 

Deuxmoi states that a lot of what she is sent might not be true.  So she is covering her ass there.  My guess?  Nearly everything she posts is untrue.  Much of it reads like, that's right, stan fiction.

Along the way, Deuxmoi started doing merch drops.  They sell the most God-awful merch people.  

Yeah, it's all really bad.  Just fugly shit.  I know something about designing merch.  This is bad.  And it's all bad, and a lot of it is even worse than this.  If it's not screamingly fugly, it's basic.  I wouldn't be caught dead in any of it or anything like it.

You're not embarrassed to wear that shit?  You. Should. Be.  So if you're not?  That's a sign.  Get yourself into therapy today before this thing progresses.  

But she's making bank on this badly designed basic shit, and she's doing it on the backs of celebrities.  Her merch-wearers then get snapped by other readers and posted in "Sunday Sightings" by her.   This whole thing has become so up-your-own-ass that now, many of her readers buy the merch so they can wear it in public hoping to get "spotted" and posted alongside actual celebrities in Sunday Sightings.

Does this not sound like a mental institution to you?  Because it does to me.

Some of them wore this shit to Coachella.  Can you even imagine?  I went to Coachella pre-Covid, and I wore some really cute outfits.  Cute outfits.  Cool outfits.   But then, I'm sane and wasn't walking around hoping some other Deuxmoi loony tunes took my picture and it got posted online.  Also, I was there for the music.  Cray, I know. 

Her readers invent stories about celebrities and she posts them.  Now does she get some real tips?  Sure, from celebrity PR reps, probably.  But not from an A or B list star's rep.  Your C lister, your reality tv show middling, your "influencer", I have no doubt their people send in "hot tips".

But anything about an A lister is almost always going to be made up by a stan.  That's how we got the recent Johnny Depp turtle tip.  Some idiot sent in a convoluted story about an A list actor who fell in love with a turtle and saved it or some shit.  Don't ask me to explain it, I really can't read too in depth there, it makes my head hurt.   And it was "revealed" to be that gentle darling, Johnny Depp.  So he totally can't be an abuser because he liked a turtle.  Whatever.  This is a text written by Gentle Johnny btw:

This is all a fucking nightmare.  You know, if you like an entertainer, can you just thank them for their work, and leave them the fuck alone?  I get that people can fantasize about Chris Evans while boning some random.  That's fine.  Have fun!

But if you find yourself even remotely going down a road where you believe Chris Evans wants you, you need to see a therapist that day.   That very day.  Please. 

I mean, I think Chris Evans is hot, but if I ever suspected that years down the road, if Evans gets into some kind of trouble, I'm gonna be waiting outside the courthouse desperate to get inside, or tweet "Chris gonna win this, stand up, smile, and say 'I could do this all day'" I will want to have myself institutionalized.

So please do an early intervention on yourself.  I am begging you.

As to the men's rights activists, the incels, the men who worship Johnny Depp, Elon Musk, Donald Trump, Putin, whoever...I don't have an answer for them.  They desperately need mental health interventions.  But they'll never get them.

And they are destroying women.  And they may yet destroy democracy.  

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