On Knowing Who You Are

Sixty-One days until election day.  Things are getting crazy aren't they?  Yesterday, Trump told his crazy supporters to vote twice. 




Of course, that's illegal.  Which the N. Carolina Elections Chief knows, and our Attorney General isn't sure about:



Of course it is illegal to vote twice, and Attorney General Bill Barr knows this full well.  This is what a Trump dog looks like.  This is what a banana republic also looks like. 

It can really make you despondent, am I right?  If Trump's dog, outlaw Bill Barr, is going to help him fix this election, what is the point anymore?  Putin's helping, Bill Barr and his entire Injustice Department is helping, while another Trump dog, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, slows down the mail so people voting by mail during a PANDEMIC, might not have their votes counted.   What's the point?

Well, there's a point.  If your vote didn't matter?  Trump would not have the full force of the United States Law Enforcement desperately trying to stop you from voting.  From discouraging you from voting.

It's time to double down.  Because there is no other way.  Think you're getting out of here?  Good luck my friends.  Trump's America has been made so great, that you can never leave.   Sure it sounds good - I'll just go to Canada!  Think I haven't thought about it? I've thought a lot about crossing the border into Toronto and making a life there.  But I waited too long, and unless you're reading this from Toronto, so did you.

We're not allowed into Canada any longer.  No first world country wants us, since Trump turned us into the Covid-19 shit hole of the world. 

We're now Hotel Trump, and just like Hotel California, you can check out any time you'd like, but you can never leave. 

So forget about checking out.  Double down.  Don't let Bill Barr and the orange diarrhea take who you are from you.  Hold onto it.  During the Bush years, I watched one Sunday morning as Condi Rice lied her ass off about Iraq, and that same morning I saw a picture of a little girl in Iraq, and her terrified face disturbed me.  So I got off my ass and I went on the streets, and I was there for the remainder of the W years.  

Because I knew I couldn't stop the war, but I knew I had to stand against it.  There MUST be a countervailing force to evil, or everything is doomed.  You're that countervailing force and you must never forget it.  

Remember who you are, and double down.  Go to joebiden.com and volunteer.  Take as many texting shifts as you can handle.  Make phone calls into swing states.  Donate what you can if you can. 

Remember all the time that Trump doesn't want you to do that.  Outlaw Trump dog, Bill Barr, doesn't want you to do that.  Do it. 

We've got 61 days.  Be like Luke Skywalker and Stay. On. Target.

They will try everything to distract you.  Someone got their hair blown out in San Francisco.  Who gives a shit?  Trump farted on TV again.  Who gives a shit?  Trump told his crazies to vote twice.  That's got nothing to do with you.  Your one job?  Your mission?

Stay. On. Target.

61 days.  Democracy on the line.  Let's roll.


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  • Miss Ann Throwpick

    Bill Barr has always wanted to be the right-hand A-hole to a dictator. He covered the shit Reagan and Bush, Sr. pooped during Iran-Contra.
    As soon as Trump announced his vanity wall, I figured it was to keep us in rather than keep anybody else out.
    Vote out every Republican. They are all complicit in these crimes. Every last one of them.

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