Navigating Dating During The Vaccination Wars

I should have added (and everything) to the title, because it's not just dating.  It's nail salons, hair salons, waxing, etc.  Boy do I sound like a real Becky, or what?  

I know, I know, the world is boiling, children are starving, horror abounds, and I'm getting blowouts.  

Let's get to the real question though; how do you navigate anything in life during a time of mass psychosis?

And folks, this is mass psychosis.  These dumb motherfuckers are taking horse medicine, and actually getting on Al Gore's internet for advice on how to figure out their "horse weight".  You know, like how every human year is seven dog years, they think every human pound is 20 horse pounds.  And they are figuring out their dosages this way!

Well, what could go wrong?

I don't know, explosive diarrhea that doesn't end is one side effect I've seen, which you know, can result in death.   Death covered in their own feces?  Still a generous ending for these idiots. 

A lot of them also believe they are getting mysterious symptoms from being exposed, no not to other unvaxxed morons, but to the vaccinated. 

Take a look at this moron:



And then she decides to go to fruit loop Candace Owen for medical problems.  I can save you the trouble lady, you almost definitely have bad fibroids and need a hysterectomy, BUT, and this is very important, there is a small but significant chance you have cancer and you should run your ass to your obgyn not Twitter.


So, this is what we're dealing with.  And we are surrounded by it, you'd be surprised.  Start asking people you run into, you know, your mechanic, the person who does your waxing, whatever, if they are vaccinated.  You have a right, you are being exposed to them.  You will be in for some surprises. 

So what do we do?  Jennifer Aniston recently gave an interview where she mentioned that she has had to cut some people out of her life, that she saw regularly for many years.  I think that was easily interpreted as stylists and various other personal service workers.  Hair, nails, etc. 

Of course the moron brigade made a stampede to her Instagram, and furiously demanded to know why she cared since she was vaccinated?

She told them, because I CARE ABOUT PEOPLE WHO AREN'T ME, and I have immunocompromised friends.

I wonder if they were stunned over the concept.  Caring for someone other than yourself.  

Anyway, my friend and I were discussing this because we both went for blowouts to Waves Salon in Bohemia.  My regular hairstylist doesn't work there, but she is very hard to book, so I book her for cuts and color, but get blowouts in various places.  I had a bad feeling about this particular lady in Waves, but I guess I blocked it out of my mind.

My friend however, is a really tough questioner.  I know that when she questions me I get very nervous even though I haven't done anything wrong and don't even lie to her.  She's one of those, you know?  She just focuses in on you and makes you very nervous.  Anyway, she found out the stylist isn't vaccinated and won't be.  We both think she's a Trumpster.  When it comes to vaccinations, I don't know if the why matters, but I decided to stop going there.

Meanwhile, my other stylist who I frequent all the time is a woo chick, not a Trumpster, but I highly suspect she isn't vaxxed either.  A few months ago I know for certain she was waiting because she "wants to have kids."   Don't get me started.

So, why the title?  Well, of course, even though it's after Labor Day, I was still shooting my shot for my summer fuckboy, and thought I had scored one.  Better late than never I thought.

We met cute, at Costco.  Okay, maybe not cute, but it felt cute!  And OMG was he cute.  It was an insta-click on the checkout line for real.  And we clicked so hard I gave him my cell number, he called, we made a date.

I met him at Mamma Lombardi's in Holbrook.  And the date went really nicely.  I love that place, and the food is always on point and they also make a fantastic drink.  

There was heavy flirting, and I was really into him.  But then afterwards, as he was walking me to my car and  I was seriously considering asking him if he wanted to come over for a nightcap, I did ask him if he was vaccinated.  Just casually.

What followed was a rant about health care workers and how they are all quitting because they know the vaccine is very dangerous and what the fuck ever, because I tuned out in horror and lost my lady boner real fast.

Cockblocked by the anti-vax squad again. 

It's okay.  Look, I always have my weed and reruns of True Blood which make it very easy to imagine Eric Northman looking exactly like one of the world's most beautiful men, Alexander Skarsgard is biting my neck on my sofa.  

But damn, this is all so crazy.  What a time to be alive huh?


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