Monica Lewinsky Tweets A Joke, Internet Goes Nuts; Let's Evaluate

I guess it's time for me to reevaluate Monica Lewinsky.   Because she keeps trending every couple of months, and I have such mixed thoughts and feelings about her and all of the issues which surround her. 

The other day, she tweeted this:



A shitstorm ensued.

This subsequent tweet from a blue-check account, added to the furor:



Okay, so Gen X here, present at the creation.  I remember it all.  And at the time, I did have a soft spot for Monica.  Or, it's more accurate to say, I felt a lot of sympathy for her.  She was treated horrifically by the sex-obsessed media.  (they haven't changed).  Special shoutout to legendary bully and Queen of female misogyny, Maureen Dowd here. 

It was hard not to feel for Monica.  Her friend whom she confided in famously betrayed her, the FBI threatened her mother, and our woman-hating culture made "Monica" synonymous with blow jobs.   

But I was there so much that I actually know this wasn't Monica's first act as mistress to a married  man.  And that she told friends she was going to have sex with Bill Clinton PRIOR to going to DC.   This was a woman with agency.  Bill Clinton had immeasurably more power than Monica the intern, but...Monica was planning to "get out her presidential kneepads" prior to working for him.

So what power was he exerting over her or abusing before they even knew each other? 

This is where I feel we infantilize white women.  Be very clear that it's white women because you can be sure black women enjoy no such magnanimity.  Neither culturally, nor under the law. 

There was IMO, a Hillary-bashing trend that broke out among third wave feminists. And I mean the feminist women who made their bones in the early days of the blogoshpere, and then gained the approval of their male cohorts by writing so-called "feminist" arguments for voting for Obama over Hillary in the 08 Democratic primary.

Somehow, voting for the man was the more feminist choice than voting for the woman.  This reminds me so much of Bernie Sanders, who famously won his first office by telling constituents that he was a "better feminist" than the (liberal) woman he was running against.  Like Obama, he won the argument.  Enough women went along with this absolute horseshit in both cases. 

Anyway, they used Bill Clinton's sexual behavior as a cudgel against his wife, the only person out of the three who was an actual innocent victim in all this.

And they liked doing it.  And their male cohorts, loved watching them do it.  See, if you want to beat the bitch, but you're on the left so you can't openly wear a "TRUMP THAT BITCH" shirt, you gotta get another bitch to do your dirty work.

Or, as Taylor sings:

"women like hunting witches too

doing your dirtiest work for you..."

Here are a couple of the douchebags Obama had working for him during that primary:


Guess who those two are peeps?  None other than the POD Save America asshats.

So of course these two lowlifes had to get the bitches to do their dirty work against the bitch they hated above all bitches.  And still do. 

This is the problem every time Monica Lewinsky trends.  She excites all of the Hillary Clinton haters.   She knows this.  But let's move on to the other issues she brings up.

Monica Lewinsky decided to hitch her wagon to the #Metoo movement and came out very recently claiming that Bill Clinton abused his power over her.

If I didn't know she planned on fucking the President before she ever met him, and the minute she knew she had the internship, I would believe that.  

And Bill Clinton was an incredible asshole for the relationship.  But did he abuse his power?

I have had people tell me that my consensual relationship with my boss, which resulted in a decade-long relationship, was wrong.   That he abused his power. I don't buy this.  Believe me, I had full agency in that situation.  Don't infantilize me.  You do not have my permission to do that. 

But, on the other hand...I certainly have been sexually harassed at work.  I mean, many times.   And I have been asked out by someone in a senior position and made very uncomfortable.  So just because I have one situation that was an exception doesn't change that.

It's without a doubt that since the 90's when Monica had her affair, and I had my relationship, things have changed for the better. 

It should be against corporate policy for an executive to date an underling.  Because too often, the underling is being made uncomfortable.  The workplace has become hostile.   If two people fall in love, they are going to have to go to HR and remove one of them from that department.  I think that's simple enough.  It's when you get down to smaller and even medium sized businesses, where this becomes very tricky.

But I find I don't give a shit.  I have much bigger problems and worries.  I am so tired of hearing about Monica Lewinsky.  And frankly, at this point in her life, she should be reluctant to bring up the time she knowingly blew a married man and was a part of causing a tremendous amount of pain and humiliation to his wife and daughter.  Sure, Bill was still more at fault, and she paid too high a price at the time.  But Hillary, who still had this bullshit held against her during her own run for President, paid a higher one IMO.

What I'm most tired of are the Brooklyn bloggers yapping about this bullshit, fronting like they would call up their husband's mistress and thank her, while they use this against Hillary.  

Please, shut up.  You fucking idiots helped get us Trump and I'm as likely to call bygones on that as Hillary is to apologize to Monica for getting pissed about Monica sucking her husband's dick. 


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