Misogyny and Abortion Rights

A 26 year old woman living in Texas, was charged with murder for allegedly self-inducing an abortion last week. 

"The Starr County Sheriff’s office told Jezebel that Herrera is alleged to have “intentionally and knowingly cause[d] the death of an individual by self-induced abortion.” The Sheriff’s office arrested Herrera and served her with an indictment on murder charges, and she was being held on $500,000 bond, they said."

You can read the entire story here.

Now, I've never believed that the rabid "pro-life" movement had anything to do with giving a shit about children.  Because if they gave a shit about children they would be voting to lift children out of poverty, like Joe Biden's expanded child tax credit did, before it expired thanks to Republicans and Joe Manchin.

"As part of the American Rescue Plan Act, the Biden administration expanded the amount of the Child Tax Credit to up to $3,600 per child through the end of last year and offered monthly advance payments of the tax credit. The administration has been trying to extend the tax credit this year as part of its Build Back Better Act, but that effort has run aground in the Senate, where Republicans and two moderate Democrats remain opposed."

This expansion lifted millions of children out of poverty and alleviated childhood hunger.  Well, while it lasted anyway.

I mean I could come up with thousands more examples, but why bother when we all know the truth.  Anti-choicers don't give one fuck about children, they care about controlling women.

They don't want women fucking without permission.  Which is to say, without marriage.  That is how a woman has always gained permission to fuck in this country.  By marrying.  

They don't want women happy-assing around fucking whomever they want, whenever they want, for their own pleasure.  So when women do fuck for pleasure, punishment needs to be meted out.

They consider forced childbirth to be appropriate punishment.  Now, if a woman refuses and has an abortion instead, how can they punish her?

And that is the question utmost on their little pea minds.

Here is the biggest whore in New York, talking about punishing women:

And this whore got to appoint THREE SUPREME COURT JUSTICES.  One of them, an accused rapist himself.  Trump is also, of course, an accused rapist.  Very credibly accused, just like Kavanaugh.

So, this is where we are today, as Roe V Wade has been knifed away, and what's left stands to be overturned later this year.

What do Trump's misogynistic fans have to say about their fantasies coming true and a woman being arrested and charged for murder?

I went to the shithole message board I used to post at to find out.

Jezebel news? No wonder you're such an illiterate, uneducated hack.

Sadly abortion is of epidemic proportions in the USA. it's really just birth control at this point (for many)

It is the law of the land in Texas. Doesnt matter what our opinions are. Hidey hidey hidey ho.....to prison she will go

O.K....go sit down and shut the fuck up now. 

With as much access as there is to 100% FREE birth control in this country there should really be no unwanted pregnancies and therefor no need for abortions. Are people REALLY this stupid that they cant even figure out how to use the many different types of free birth control available ? Eventually people have to not only smarten up but also take responsibility for their own actions.

Listen up baby murderers… killing kids has consequences.

personally I would rather we jail the lib'ruls that support abortion......

do you think God wants his people to kill their unborn children?.....if so, then I obviously know the Torah better than at least one Jew......

Why do black women still have abortions almost four times as often as white women?

Betamax O'Rourke will ensure that Texas babies get their comeuppance.

I know you don't believe your lies any more than your predecessors believed that slaves weren't human.

So, you have plenty of false information.  For one thing, abortions have been trending downwards, not upwards, since the 70's.  Women do not use abortion as birth control. Then you have your slut-shaming.  "ho".  Racism.  Complete ignorance to the fact that poverty plays a role in who can and who cannot access birth control. Comparing abortion rights to slavery and zygotes to slaves.  And utter glee at the idea of women being punished for fucking without permission.

There was a huge outcry, and the DA dropped the murder charges against this young woman.  Which is why you should never, ever "sit down and shut the fuck up" to quote one genius above. 

In June, we will find out just how far they dare go.  That's when the Supreme Court will decide Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. The case concerns a Mississippi law that bans abortion if the “probable gestational age of the unborn human” is more than 15 weeks. The state has asked the court not only to uphold that law but to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Now, will the court actually overturn Roe this summer and give up the Republican's cash cow fundraising tactic? Or, will they continue to knife it, death by a thousand cuts, thus maintaining both their cash cow and some sort of delusional deniability which our both-sides media will allow them to get away with?  Your guess is as good as mine, but now is not the time to sit down, or to shut up.

Red states have already mostly outlawed abortion via cutting off access as much as possible, and the very second Roe is overturned, millions of women in red states will instantly lose any right to abortion all together.  As we have seen, many red states will also immediately move to criminalize women leaving said state to get an abortion in the free states.  They will also criminalize anyone found to help them in doing so. 

The religious right demands it, and MAGA, who are anything BUT religious, also demand it.  They both have the same reasons.  They want to punish and control women.  





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