Michael B Jordan Goes Big Thirsty For Valentine's Day

So, peeps, what do we think?





Lotta Big Cringe energy going on here.  Maybe it's me.  But I cringed.  Hard.  

A lot of people, especially gossip blogs, are squeeing all over themselves about this.  I don't really follow too many of them, but let's take Lainey and Celebitchy as two examples.

Both these blogs got the knives out for Tom Hiddleston over this:



Can you even imagine?  Seems quite quaint now doesn't it?  Yet the internet basically destroyed his career over this.  Over wearing a tshirt with his girlfriend's name on it. 

Two gossip blogs don't have the power to ruin anyone, but they were part of the internet goon squad that did.  

These days you can't even read their posts about Michael B Jordan and Lori Harvey without covering your face in second-hand embarrassment for them, especially Lainey.  I suspect Lainey is going Defcon CRINGE in a sad attempt to make up for her years-past racist and sexist posts, which she now has disclaimers on.   She probably fools someone.  

I never thought Hiddles wearing a tshirt was cringe.  That whole episode was a master class in internet bullying led by gossip blogs who claim their bullying is the fault of "the culture" then.  In some cases 'then" is last year, but sure. 

I think this IS very cringe and I'm so embarrassed for Jordan, who has always been very private in the past.   

But if they end up marrying and having kids, I guess in retrospect this will seem cute.   Right now it's just thirsty.  Like, I'm parched kind of thirsty.  Sorry.  

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