Melania Goes Full Crazy Eyes On Ivanka; Everything's Fine

So the two First Ladies really don't like each other. I think we knew that?   And if we didn't know it, there's a book about to come out that is going to make sure we learn.



Aw, ain't they cute?   If you like Fascists and their collaborators.  Anyway, apparently Melania just hates Ivanka and there is going to be a lot of dirt spilled in this book.   Color me I don't give a fuck. 

Of course when there is a 3rd wife, and yet more half-siblings involved, there's always going to be trouble.  But usually you don't have a situation where the daddy is maybe lusting after daughter dearest, so in the case of the Trumps, the normal tensions are a bit, shall I say, heightened?  



Now, I've seen a lot of stupid liberals...okay side bar.  There are absolutely stupid liberals.  I realized just how rampant stupidity is among Dem voters when in 2004, on the old Netscape political boards, a bunch of them were swooning over the idea of a "Unity Ticket".  This unity ticket would have put John McCain on the ticket as the Veep pick.  Do you need more?  FINE.  Go read any number of posts underneath any Lincoln Project tweet.  The men in that group, oh they are all men my dear, and they are all white, have written off 2020.  And yes, they do understand the danger Trump poses.  

However, they had no problem with George W Bush, and all the other shit that brought us to Trump.  Trump didn't birth himself you know!  George Conway ran the so-called "Brooks Brothers riot" in Florida during the 2000 recount.  Trump has a right wing Supreme Court protecting his crazy ass precisely because W and his own goons stole the 2000 election, and people, that election was stolen.

I digress...I've seen a lot of stupid liberals online gushing over Melania's stink face because it's aimed at Ivanka.  Firstly, always remember,when two assholes are having a fight there's no need for you to take a side.  Get out the popcorn and root for it to go long with a lot of damage done on both sides.

Also, have you guys taken a good look into Melania's eyes?  Melania’s got them crazy eyes and she's always working them.  This isn't the first time she's flashed the psycho chic.  There’s something wildly murderous in her eyes, like she’s thinking about her butcher’s knife from back in the old village and the next dead animal she's gonna leave in Ivanka's underwear drawer. 

The thing is, when Ivanka finds another skinned squirrel in with her panties, she doesn't shriek.  That chip-off-the-old-block is as cold blooded as they come.  She picks it up and brings it to Jared like the world's meanest cat, throws it on his lap and shrieks at him, demanding to know why Melania is still alive.  Didn't he promise he'd speak to his friend Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud?  Something about a chainsaw?

And now, Melania's former BFF wrote a book letting us know that the woman she thought good enough to be her BFF, is shit.  Yeah, we knew. And that Melania loved wearing the infamous "I really don't care, do u" jacket to visit the babies her husband had kidnapped, held in cages, and often, sexually abused, because it "drove liberals crazy."

Here's that news  if you want to read it.   And if you even consider it news.

Yesterday, Mary Trump released yet another tape, and on this one, Trump's sister basically says that damned Ivanka is out for nobody but herself, she's an ice cold cut throat bitch just like daddy:

And you thought the Palins were white trash, right?  We avoided that train wreck but didn't know what was still barreling our way.

Remember that they are well aware their callous behavior upsets liberals.  That it causes pain.  And they revel in it.  They lick it up and say "mmmmm pain from humans who actually feel empathy, delicious, want more"

And they love to gaslight us, because being constantly gaslit causes confusion and exhaustion, which is why they send their pissants out to tell us that Melania Trump is the classiest First Lady ever, and she's just like Jackie Kennedy.

If they gave a shit that Melania has a very shady and purposefully hidden past, and that her nudes, not art, her porno nudes, are everywhere, they would shut their fucking yaps and not say anything.  Listen, everyone has a right to change and live a new life.  I get that.  But when you got that in your past, and much, much worse, you don't send your pissants out to piss in America's face.

But this crazy-eyed psycho does, and now we know from her former BFF's book, that she laughs about it, takes pleasure in it.  

Of course, sometimes one of their pissants picks the wrong fight.  Let's take a look at what happens then:



Was Cardi B out there looking for you?  Was Cardi B out there looking for that thing you call a First Lady?  Nah.  So you made the decision to come for Cardi B like you were something.  Look how that turned out.

Turn out in November and let's send the country's most evil family packing, and hopefully, eventually, a number of them to prison.   I've had enough.  

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