Matt Gaetz Alleged Sex Predator, Who's Surprised?

The big scoop this week is that people are saying this guy:

is a sex predator.  Can you believe it?   YES I CAN.  I can believe it.  He looks like a pointy demon.  Look at him!  If you saw him on the set of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, who would you think he was playing?  A demon extra obviously. 

Please teach your children people; a lot of the time when a man looks like a big creep there's good reason for it.  Don't feel sorry for them.  Creepy men are in charge of a lot of shit, the media comes to mind.  And they are always advocating for themselves.

"Oh feel sorry for the poor creepy-Americans, a demographic that suffers the sharp pain of bigotry".  

"Just because a guy looks creepy doesn't mean anything!  Usually, he's just shy."

My ass.  

I tell my little nieces and nephews, if any adult gives you that "yuck" feeling in your stomach, tell someone.  Tell me.   Tell me or your parents you don't want to be around them they make you feel yucky.

I have been showing my one older niece pictures of mass shooters and their ilk for years and asking "what does this guy look like to you?"

Well, he looks like a big creeper and a nut.

That's right, he does. 

We need to begin warning America's youth that when they see a guy who looks like Matt Gaetz they should run like the wind.  And those little fuckers can run fast I can tell you that.  They run away from me when I take them outside and you can hear me screaming from three blocks over.  It's amazing I haven't been arrested honestly.

So that's the one thing kids have going for them; they can run really fast.  Teach them not to hesitate.  Show them Matt Gaetz's picture and practice with them. 

Once this all came out, Matt decided to really entertain us by going on Tucker Carlson's show and trying to take Tucker down with him.  You can't buy entertainment like this folks!



Yeah you'll remember her Tuck, she was the one they brought the highchair over for.

Here's another classic moment when he accuses Tucker of being a sex predator too (I don't doubt btw)



Lordy I'm just not sure which one I laughed harder over. 

A lot more has been released about ole Matt, and it's nothing compared to what's coming I'm sure.  But here is something very interesting that I would like to delve deeper into.

Katie Hill, the congresswoman who resigned her seat because someone released nude pics of her (and this was a clear case of revenge porn), has long claimed friendship with pervy Matt.  This always turned me off to her big time, but now I wonder if she's not a victim here.  Let me explain.

Here   is her piece in Vanity Fair explaining her friendship with the perv. 

In it, Hill describes how Gaetz was a lone Republican voice defending her when her nudes were leaked.  And how he asked her if she was okay, and acted the friend to her.  But now Gaetz has been outed as showing naked pictures of women around the floor of the People's house.  

Of course, I have questions.  I want to know, WHO.  Who did he show these pictures to?  Did any of the women consent to having their bodies exposed to Gaetz's leering House cohorts?  Were any of these women not women, but underage girls?  

Obviously this news brought up uncomfortable questions for Hill, because this is exactly what she was a victim of.  So she wrote this piece in response.

One of the things I find really funny here is how on-point her mom is:

"When the news about Matt Gaetz broke, my mom once again called to ask if I was okay. She knew about our friendship and didn’t like it. From the very beginning she’d told me to be careful and not to trust him. When he defended me, she raised her eyebrows and told me I’d better not sleep with him (I did not, for the record).

“Yeah, I’m okay,” I replied. “I just don’t really know what to say. I really hope it’s not true.”

“I’m sure it’s true.”

“Jeez, Mom, why??”

“Because it’s always true. Hopefully this time a man actually takes the fall.”

I had to laugh out loud.  Sounds like Katie's mom is on the ball. 

The last piece of this puzzle is this. 

"Gaetz fought revenge porn bill, saying ex-lovers can use photos as they see fit, sponsor says.  Tom Goodson, a Republican who retired from the Florida state House in 2018, told the Orlando Sentinel on Monday that Gaetz was the leading opponent of the nonconsensual pornography bill he spent years trying to pass. He described a meeting in which Gaetz said that if a person gives an intimate photo to a romantic partner, the image becomes the property of the recipient."

So, Matt Gaetz, pervert, believes he owns women once they are nude with him.  He can show those pictures to whomever he wants, and he can post them online because revenge porn is cool.

AND, Matt Gaetz made a fucking beeline for attractive Katie Hill on the floor of the house to comfort her when she was the victim of exactly that which Matt supports.

Something stinks here.  I take Katie at her word that she took her mom's advice and didn't sleep with Gaetz.  I mean, not sleeping with Gaetz has got to be the easiest thing in the world for any woman to do.  We are not talking the last temptation of Christ here.  He's not Jason Momoa but with a bad personality.  He's Matt fucking Gaetz, deformed demon dude with a bad personality.

That leaves two possibilities.  Either Gaetz was trying to sleep with Hill, and used her trauma at being the victim of revenge porn to try and get into her pants. or...Gaetz got off at seeing that trauma up close and personal.

Or both.  

Nobody is gonna convince me otherwise.  This isn't nice guy Matt comforting his cute female friend.  This is sexual predator Matt, closing in. 

Today, Gaetz's trafficking buddy, Joel Greenberg, looks to have cut some sort of deal. 

I can hear Gaetz squealing from here.  

Couldn't happen to a nicer fella.   Bye Matt. 


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