Mask-It or Casket; The Ongoing Covid Stress From Families & Friends

If you want to live, you have to start practicing how to say NO now.  Today.  Normalcy bias is in full swing, and you will find more and more of your friends and family being very lax about mask wearing and social distancing. 

Sure, many of them were being maskholes all along, but they are now being joined by others who were formerly taking safety precautions.  Now, they're letting up.  Letting loose.  Gettin lax with it. 

So many people have told me they're "done with this".  "I'm over it" is another big one. 

What the fuck does this mean?  Americans are hilarious, aren't they?  Imagine if our ancestors had said they were "over this shit' in 1943.  I guess all these big mouths would be screaming "YOU CAN'T MAKE ME WEAR A MASK" and "I HAVE A HEALTH CONDITION A MASK WOULD KILL ME INSTANTLY!" in German. 

Nobody gives a fuck what you're over.  Covid doesn't, and I don't either.  

Here's a little prediction:

"U.S. deaths from the coronavirus will reach 410,000 by the end of the year, more than double the current death toll, and deaths could soar to 3,000 per day in December, the University of Washington’s health institute forecast on Friday."

Full story here

Now, that's not written in cement.  It's more of a worse-case scenario.  Or maybe not worse case.  It's a scenario.  We could avoid those numbers if we all masked up and practiced something called "critical thinking". 

I don't like our odds.

So in case you were thinking, oh if Covid was gonna kill me it would have already, guess again.  It's still got plenty of time to take your ass out.  Maybe  not kill you, maybe just leave you permanently disabled. 

We are about to head into flu season.  Get your flu shot.  And practice saying no.  Normalcy bias is going to kill people, don't let them do it to you.  These are not normal times.  No, it's not okay for your brother who happy asses around town in his MAGA hat screaming "SHEEP!" at anyone who asks him to put his frigging mask on, to come over and breath in your home.

No, it's not okay to go out to dinner indoors with your friends.  But everyone else is doing it!  Okay, and that reminds me of another thing; whatever you do, do NOT attend their funerals later this year.  Funerals are perfect superspreader events. 

We have to get through this. Decide today that you are going to be here next summer, when Joe Biden has been in office for six  months, there is a widely distributed, safe, effective vaccine, and more effective therapeutics have been working.  

In order to ensure that; learn to say no.  I have family who are like this, I know what it's like.  I've been pretty tough with them, but realized as we are heading into the deadly last few months of 2020, I need to get tougher still. 

I can do it and so can you.   Don't let them get you.  They're not smart, they just play smart people on Facebook.  They're morons.  They're dummies.  Some of them, are brainwashed Cult45 members.   Others are what I call "the woo girls". They're not worried because if they get Covid, they will mix up 3 essential oils, pour it into organic green tea, and rub a crystal across the cup.  This is known to cure Covid. Then you have your tough guys, you know the ones, shrunken dick syndrome.  They believe if they go maskless their dicks will grow. 

Or, you might have cool girl friends.  Cool girls swear they are masking up and taking this very seriously.  But you keep seeing pictures of them on Instagram.  Selfies taken squashed up against one of their friends.  Sure, they're eating outdoors, but does that matter when you are practically making out?  

When asked about it, they swear they are being very careful and so is this other person in the picture, and they are sure the person they were squashed up against is "safe".

As if Covid-19 was advanced Syphilis and their noses would be melting off if they had it.  

They sure looked safe!  Their nose was completely intact!  How could I have known!?

Don't listen to them.  Protect yourself.  Live.  Say no.  

I'll see you on the other side, summer 2021.  We'll wear hats and drink margaritas and gather.   Sex may be involved.  I see a big comeback for sex in 2021.  Sexing around will be the new quarantine.  

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