Marjorie Taylor Green and American Indecency

  When did America become so indecent?  Were we always like this?  Were we always the nation that would glorify the animal in this video?



I don't know but watching video of Marjorie Taylor Green stalking school shooting survivor David Hogg and taunting him, really made me sit down and think about this.

Because I do know who we are today.  I have to stop here and clarify: I know who white America is today.

We can't pin this on the majority of people of color, and I won't.  In order to be accurate we need to state the words:  White Americans.

Why are white Americans glorifying vileness and cruelty?  These are the people who complain about cancel culture, which used to be political correctness.  I mean they always complain about the same shit they just rename it.  

Political correctness equals not being an offensive asshole.  Like, calling out someone for using racist or sexist language is considered being "the PC police".  WTF?   

Cancel culture doesn't even exist or we wouldn't have to keep hearing new "revelations" about what a vicious asshole Joss Whedon is. 

But they whine anyway.   And something inside of them makes them admire a person they view as "un-PC".  Like they are getting one over on someone.  But even this does not come close to explaining the recent glorification of cruelty we have seen among the majority of white America.

Whenever white people rampage, you can bet they will dig up some sad sacks who aren't white men to prop them.  This happens on race frequently.  

With Marjorie Taylor Greene you see this phenomenon in play with sex.  Misogynistic men love nothing more than getting a woman to do their dirty work.  As Taylor sings in Mad Woman:

"And women like hunting witches too
Doing your dirtiest work for you"

Greene is being underestimated.  Yes, she's bug-fuck nuts and a huge Qanon whacko, but she will deny that as she did in front of Congress recently.  Wink wink, nod nod.  

Here she is groping Trump's mushroom:



This one is off the rails, and so was Trump when he somehow got elected by our fucked up electoral college system.  White America will respond to her because she is so cruel, I mean this is one twisted sister.  

And white America loves cruelty for cruelty's sake.  They glory in it.  Why?

Ask your aunt or uncle, or mother or father, the next time you see them.  Because I don't know.  If you find out anything come back and let me know.  Please. 

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