Long Island Gets Ready to Throw a Racist Tantrum

Get ready for the viral videos everyone.  Long Island, the Alabama of the Northeast, is getting ready to put on a MAGAt show!  And it's gonna be big.  They're calling it the Back the Blue demonstration, and it's fixin to take place on July 25th at Eisenhower Park.  Here is how the organizers describe the event:

"Join us on Saturday, July 25th in Eisenhower Park from 2-4pm as we meet in support and solidarity for the men and women of law enforcement! This is NOT a counter-protest to the Black Lives Matter movement. This is a demonstration aimed directly at our politicians who want to attack the men and women of law enforcement by passing asinine legislation, defunding the police and promoting violence in our communities. Now is the time for our voices to be heard!"

Should I go there and video?  OF COURSE this is a protest of Black Lives Matter.  Let's see what our nutball President has been saying about them of late:









And Trump is their God, believe me.  Long Island is overflowing with Trump cultists. 

So, I am seriously thinking about going just to get a look at this shit.  Well, not really to get a look, I've been surrounded by these zombies my whole life.  But I would like to get it on video. 

I found out about the blessed event when a friend clicked "interested" on Facebook.   It's funny because I have been wondering if she wasn't an undercover Trumpster.   I know she, like many white women, is Trumpster-adjacent via dick infusions.   She has a thing for problematic dick, always has.   I could tell some stories.  But they're not necessary because she as an individual is irrelevant.  But as a reflection of our white woman problem, she is very relevant, so let's stick to that.

There's zero doubt that every single man she has ever fucked is a Trumpster, and that every single man she ever hopes to fuck is a Trumpster.  It's her type.  Muscular  Long Island meatheads.  I remember shortly after the election she posted some really thunderheaded meme, along the lines of; how to tell a real man. he probably has a gun.  he probably voted for trump.  etc

And no, it wasn't ironic.  It was serious shit.  She's divorced from a guy I seriously worried would come to our offices and shoot up the place.  She worked for my company for a while.  I was furious her marriage to this unstable lunatic blew up during that time.  Anyway, I don't know her current relationship status, there's no Facebook evidence she's in one.  So for all I know she's going to this thing to troll for men.  Certainly, her type will be crawling the place. 

And that's the problem with white women.  Most, if not all, the men they know and have ever known either love Trump, or Trump reminds her of them.   When his infamous "I Grab em by the pussy!" tape came out, my aunt said "oh that's nothing my first husband wouldn't have said."  As if this was supposed to be reassuring!  Um, your first husband is my uncle and I know him well.  I also know he's a retired NYC homicide detective with a bad drinking problem who once held a loaded gun to your head in front of your under-age son!

I wouldn't vote for that lunatic for President either!  

And it's these white women you see on viral videos everywhere.  They're out there telling you they're protecting their freedom.  What they're really protecting is their images and memories of their sad sack, violent, misogynistic, alcoholic, racist, low-IQ husbands, sons, and fathers. 

If they ever faced up to what Donald Trump really is, they'd have to face up to what all the men they've loved are; not men at all.  Violent, terrified, angry babies.  

And on July 25th, all of those large, dangerous, violent babies, and the mental case women who love them, will gather at Eisenhower Park.

Oh what a show they will put on .  I'll probably go, in plain clothes, trying to look as unobtrusive as possible.  Just to get videos to post.  If my cousin is there, as long as I see her first, she'll never see me. 

I don't think I can resist.  For one thing, their event page says: "Masks and face coverings are required as per the Governor’s orders where social distancing guidelines cannot be met (unless for medical exemptions)."

More bullshit, just like this isn't a counter-protest to BLM.  It is, and they won't be wearing masks.  I LOVE the parenthetical medical exemptions.  They'll all be carrying those phony cards they print up on their desktops I'm sure.  They really believe we don't see them for what they are.  Clowns.  But...dangerous clowns. 



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