Kyrsten Sinema & Mitt Romney Do London

What in fresh hell is this shit?



When I first saw this on Twitter, well, first of all, I didn't think it was real.  I swear to God I did not believe this could be real.  

When I figured out that it's definitely real, I thought Mittens and crazy-eyes Kyrsten finally lost it all together and put out a bad porn parody of Ted Lasso.

You know, like on Friends when Ursula does the porn film parody of Buffy the Vamper Slayer?  Was it Buffay the Vampire Layer?

Regardless, you can imagine my horror that these two were about to fuck on camera.

Well, we were spared that,  on camera at least, but what are we left with here peeps?

Let them eat fucking biscuits?

I'm tired of pretending that Sinema isn't bug-fucking nuts.  I've had people on Twitter get pissed claiming I am "further stigmatizing the mentally ill" by associating them with Sinema.   That just proves that Sinema is so crazy, the cray folks won't claim  her.

But listen, I am mentally ill.  Do you seriously think I don't have mental illness?  First of all I write a blog that nobody reads, why do you think I do that?  I do it to work out my issues.  It's cheaper than therapy.

You know, there are degrees to everything.  Stop pretending that serial killers aren't mentally ill.  We don't need an "but not all mentally ill people..." disclaimer on every goddamn thing.

I refuse to stop calling crazy people fucking crazy.  And Kyrsten Sinema is bug fuck nuts.  She's also one of the biggest attention whores I've ever laid eyes on.

And everybody already knows Mitt Romney is a sociopath, on account of he tied his dog to the roof of his car and drove cross-country.   

So the idea that these two nutters would decide to dress up as Ted Lasso and Rebecca Welton and try their hand at amateur porn wouldn't really be that shocking.  

Instead, they are 2 duly elected United States Senators, playing dress up instead of working at their highly-paid part time jobs supposedly serving the American people.

I really feel like this is a fall of the Roman Empire moment.  What a bunch of fucking clowns people.   People, real people, have not recovered from the economic devastation wrought by the pandemic, and also by late-stage capitalism let's be honest.

And we somehow choose to send these fucking over-privileged clowns to represent us.  To do something.  To make people's lives better.  Isn't that what they are there to do?  

Instead we get clown shows. 

Crazy eyes is gone in 2022, she can't hold her seat.  Romney is with us till death due us part.  

But they're not alone.  There's plenty more clowns at the capital, and in fact, I should write a play, Clowns at the Capital.  But I guess VEEP already did that, didn't they?  Can enough satire of these walking, talking, pieces of shit ever be written or filmed though?

How they giggled, like Pennywise the Clown, as democracy died and human beings suffered so.

Tell me, what do shit like this deserve, really?  

I know what they get.  A lot of fucking money and never ever one moment of worry.

But what do they deserve?  

To be laughed at.  Because they want to anger you.  They get off on your anger.  These two got one hand down their pants every time a liberal gets mad.

So I think we stick with mockery.  They can never be mocked and laughed at enough.  Because they are ludicrous.  Ludicrous clowns. 



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