Kyrsten Sinema; American Asshat

I tried to ignore Kyrsten Sinema's stupid little jig celebrating keeping millions of minimum wage workers in poverty.   I ignored her dyeing her hair purplish pink and pointing at her head when casting votes. 

But really, how much attention does this ahole need?



Ohhhhh she's ROCKING her ring!  She's not wearing a vulgar insult telling her constituents what she thinks of their opinions.  She's rocking it baby!

We've all known people like this, right?  Total assholes.  It's as if the word asshole was invented for them.  I've read that no other language has a word directly comparable to asshole, I wonder if that's true?  I mean, it would make sense that Americans invented the concept and the word since we do have more assholes per capita than any place on earth.  So I really like that story even if it isn't true.

So what is the deal with Sinema?  A United States Senator wearing a Fuck Off ring is just dead unprofessional.   It's not sexist to say so.  It's not policing women's bodies or tone policing or any of that shit, so shut the fuck up Kyrsten's PR team.

She's brand-building.  This isn't about feminism it's about cynicism.  It's cynical marketing.  The purple-haired rebel with the fuck you ring a true iconoclast who...votes exactly like Joe Manchin.

It's style over substance, myth over reality. 

The reality is that Sinema is a conservative Democrat who loves attention.  That doesn't make her that much different than Joe Manchin to be fair.  But she does add a big dollop of Karen to Manchin's schtick.  

She epitomizes white female privilege and cluelessness by dressing up in a pink hat, pink sunglasses, ridiculous earrings, and adding her FUCK OFF ring while all over the country black people are being murdered by cops, mass shootings are happening every day, and the already working poor pre-Covid are desperate.

But at least cool-Cyrsten the Influencer gave them a little jig while voting down a $15 dollar minimum wage:


Oh how adorable!  Who is she wearing?  I NEED that skirt!  Love her TUDE!  What a Bad Bitch!  She's really LEANING IN!  She ATE HER FROG!  I'm so MOTIVATED now.  GIRL BOSS!

Those are the thoughts you are meant to have.  That's the brand.  That's the attempt.  That's the style, if you're looking for substantive policies or votes you're shit out of luck.  Here's what's for sale.  Are you buying?  


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