Is Prison Break Season 6 About To Be Announced?

Well, I think so.  Here's why.  On April 29th, Wentworth Miller, who plays Michael Scofield on Prison Break (like, really? if you're here, I don't have to tell you that right?) posted on Instagram that he would have news soon, and to stay tuned.  I'll be honest I was really hoping the news was going to be about Captain Cold from the Arrowverse.  I can't help it.



Sometimes, Captain Cold would go meta with a little Prison Break callout:


Anyway, he's really freaking hot, and I want more Captain Cold!  But...I knew it was more likely to be an announcement about Prison Break Season 6.

Today, Miller posted this:




So, yeah, I think Prison Break Season 6 is happening, and I think it's going to be officially announced very soon.

And while I'd rather have Captain Cold, I know how many people love Prison Break.  And I do love Michael Scofield, a fact I wrote about, at some length, here.

I do not turn my nose up at more Michael Scofield.  And do you know who else I don't turn my nose up at?  Miss Sarah Wayne Callies.  Follow her on Instagram you'll see why.  Definitely a girl crush. 

So yep,  I will be watching and reviewing each episode. 


One day later (Monday) Wentworth Miller posted this:



Wow, he's really quite the tease.  I like that in a man.  So now I don't know what to think.  All of this could mean nothing, IF he hadn't posted that Instagram weeks ago stating he had news soon and to stay tuned.

So, no, this is not nothing.  Is he doing both?  That could be.  Dominic Purcell absolutely did Season 5 of Prison Break while also playing Mick aka Heat Wave on Legends of Tomorrow.  

Or, is he just keeping us guessing? I don't know, but since I REALLY want more Captain Cold, I hope it means he's doing both.  I'm not rooting against a Season 6 of Prison Break, I'm rooting for  more of  Miller's Captain Cold. 

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