I saw Goody Osburn with the Devil!

So Texas has brought back The Crucible and we are going to see a lot of Abigails pointing fingers and screaming "I SAW GOODY OSBURN WITH THE DEVIL AT THE CLINIC!" 

And an awful lot of Adams will be screeching the same thing.  Let's recap:

The new Texas law, known as SB8, is basically a fetal heartbeat law and will ban all abortions, with no exceptions, as early as 6 weeks.  Most women don't know they're pregnant until after then. 

So, SB8 is in direct conflict with Roe and therefore, unconstitutional, however, our Supreme Court refused to take action.  Therefore, we effectively live in a post-Roe world. 

Here is where The Crucible comes into play.  SB8 also allows "any U.S. citizen to sue Texas-based abortion clinics, doctors, and anyone who aids in an abortion. If successful, the petitioner, who does not have to reside in Texas, will receive an $10,000 award and the cost for attorney’s fees."

Texas isn't enforcing the law, they are allowing citizens to self-deputize and become unlicensed bounty hunters and enforce the law themselves.  They believe this is a clever end-run around the Constitution.  It's not, but thanks to the Sanders court, it will stand. 

Why do I call it the Sanders court when it's really the Bush/Trump court?  I'm glad you asked!

I do that because it's thanks to the unhinged misogyny on the left, including Bernie Sanders, that cockblocked Hillary Clinton from becoming President in 2016 in which case Hillary Clinton chooses 3 supreme court justices, not Donald Trump.  In which case we do not have Brett Kavanaugh, Amy Barrett, and Neil Gorsuch.  In which case Texas likely never even tries this move, and if they do, they are slapped the fuck down.

Now, it's true that the biggest whore in New York, Donald Trump (who is also a serial sexual assaulter by his own words, and almost definitely a rapist), ended up successfully overturning Roe V Wade for all intent and purposes.  And we can be pretty sure he's paid for his fair share of abortions.  And one of the men he chose, Brett Kavanaugh, is also an accused sexual assaulter and I have no doubt he had one hand in his pants jerking off imagining rapists impregnating women and then collecting 10 grand for reporting them when they attempt to abort their rapist's fetus. 

But I don't expect better from Republicans, whom over the decades have grown into the most corrupt, diseased, deranged, and yes, depraved, group of people I have ever seen.    I do expect better from the left.

Remember when Gloria Steinem told the truth in 2016 and Bernie Broettes pitched a fit?

"And, when you're young, you're thinking, where are the boys? The boys are with Bernie…" - Steinem.

Where's the lie?  How many times have I written about white women and their craving for the approval of white dick?  That's why when most white women marry they become Republicans.  Because that's how most white men vote.

But on the college campuses?  Well there, instead of MAGAs (largely) you had the white male leftist.   And young white women wanted the approval of that white leftist dick.  So they too, turned up their noses at "grandma", and fell in love with this:


Oh, he's so cute they cried!  And he really cares!  Yeah, he cares about himself and about appropriating the work of women, and about cockblocking.  This is the same man who was kicked out of a fucking commune for not working and talking too much.  The same man who never held a job and stole electricity and was a deadbeat father until he finally got a job, at age 40, when he somehow arsed himself into being mayor of his hometown.  

Leftists like Bernie and the cute guy on campus may seem sexy when you're young.  Well, I mean, Bernie himself was never sexy.  Sometimes there are arguments over whether certain old photographs are of Bernie or another young civil rights activist.  Since Bernie was never really a civil rights activists other than for five minutes one time when he got arrested before he hightailed it out of NY and sought refuge in all-white Vermont, most aren't him.  But there's another tell-tale way of knowing; is the guy in the picture remotely fuckable?  If yes, it's not Bernie.  If no, you might have something. 

Anyway, I'll tell you about my one Marxist ex.  I was temporarily enthralled with him in my 30's because he had a doctorate.  I thought this was impressive.  But he did nothing with that doctorate except sit home and complain about Capitalism while running up my Amazon charge.  It took me over a  year after we split to pay off Mr. I hate capitalism's Amazon bills.  It took me less time to realize I was effectively smarter than him anyway.  

So skip that fling, it's not worth it, trust me.  You will be left with a short dick (it's true, I'm sorry, I just report the facts) and big credit card debt. 

Getting back to Bernie, the man accomplished nothing and set himself to cockblocking the most accomplished woman we will ever hope to see in the White House in my lifetime.  And that, he did accomplish.  With the assist of his misogynistic base.

Now all the Bernie broettes live in an effectively post-Roe world.  It's to you I want to speak.  I don't speak to MAGA women because they are incapable of making any sense and are too busy inhaling horse medicine.

Men. Are. Not. Reliable. Allies. On. Women's. Rights.

Learn this now.  Bernie Sanders never gave a flying fuck about women's rights and has said so, repeatedly dismissing them as "identity politics" before he launches into another Marxist rant.  The same fucking rants that got him kicked out of a commune.   The bros who loved him in 2016?  Are likely to turn Republican by time they marry, if they haven't already.  Many have.  

They don't give a shit about your reproductive rights.  So grow up and take care of your own business.

I lived my reproductive years in a state of sexual freedom.  I had an abortion when I was younger, and I don't regret it.  I used birth control, but always knew that I had a backup just in case.  I had more than my fair share of lovers.  Great loves and one night stands both. 

In 2016 I had a hysterectomy that put me into medical menopause overnight.  Well, I was already past my peak child-bearing years anyway, and I always say that God must be a misogynist too because once you are past those peak years, your reproductive parts turn around and try and murder you.  Sometimes, they succeed.

And I don't miss all that.  And no matter what this rapist supreme court does, no matter how many times I fuck,  I can't get pregnant now.  They have no power over me.  

But they have power over you.  

Stop trying to impress white men and get your ass into gear, because I am finished.  In 1992 I marched in a huge pro-choice event in Washington DC. 

"In April 1992, a massive pro-choice rally was held in Washington, and soon after, the high court refused to endorse Pennsylvania’s new restrictions and left the Roe v. Wade decision intact"

Read the history right here

What'd you do?  I thought we won, and for a time we had.  Yes, George W Bush stealing the 2000 election, and he did steal it, fucked us.  But nothing fucked women more than when you followed that old shitbag good-for-nothing dead- beat father around in 2016 and turned your back on the best thing that could happen to women, Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton.  

Everything you heard about her was propaganda.  You believed it because you wanted to.  Get over yourself and if you want to own your body again, start fighting.

I fought that fight and won it.  YOU gave back that hard-won ground.  Ground that the women who came before me fought for and won.  The next generation, mine, held the line.  You fucking gave it up.  

I'm spending the rest of my time here feeding and helping children whenever I can.  

This fight is yours.  Fight it hard.  And don't worry, there is no shortage of dick.  Never has been, never will be.  Stop being a pickme.  Pick yourself. 

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