How White Women Gave Away Our Rights

White women gave up our rights to our own bodies on behalf of white men like this one:



Your body is mine.  Did you hear that suburban white married women?  He means your daughters' bodies.  He doesn't want yours.

And all because you just had to impress that white dick.  You had to be married.  You had to gain those male approval cookies.  So you writhed and you squirmed, and when they told you Hillary Clinton sucks, you screamed "HARD, SHE SUCKS HARD" and you got yourself another male approval cookie and a rapist got to appoint 3 bug-fuck nuts Supreme Court justices. 

And now they own your daughters' bodies.  And they will rape them with impunity, the bitches who won't give them the time of day are gonna learn now.  And they will impregnate them.  And the state will force them to bear their rapists' babies.  And then the state will give the rapist visitation rights.  And your daughter's rapist will own her.  For the rest of her life.

You spent your life on your knees to impress white men, and it gave you proximity to white male power, and it gave you cred down at the gym and in your office as you told your hilarious "hubby stories", and now, they own your ass.  They own your daughter's ass.   The problem is, they own my ass too.

But that's not really much of a problem for  me, because see, when I hit my 40's  my reproductive parts attempted to murder me.

So I had them removed.  

So the freedom I enjoyed throughout my 20's, 30's, and my honestly, incredibly hot 40's, was well-enjoyed.

See, when a condom slipped off mid-bone, I got the morning-after pill.  And I lived free knowing no man could force his fugly offspring onto me.  Having a man obsessed and furious he couldn't have me, is not a situation unknown to me.  But none of them could ever rape me and force me to have their child, and thus take ownership over my life.

My body was not "theirs" as this malevolent likely rapist claims in the video above.  My choice was not theirs as he claims.  They didn't own me, as he claims he does.

And if I got pregnant, and chose to have a baby, I knew that if something catastrophic happened, I could end the pregnancy.  I knew if the pregnancy was ectopic, my life would be saved, because by law, I was a full human being, and the fetus was not.  

Both of my sister-in-laws vote Republican.  One is anti-choice, one is not.  I am fairly certain they think their asses and the asses of their daughters are safe in New York State, by virtue of my vote.  Because God knows they run out and vote for whichever lunatic the GOP puts up for Governor here.  But I don't.  So they live under the freedoms my vote bestows upon them.

But what they don't know, is that the GOP is going to pass a federal ban on abortion the moment they get the chance to.  And then they won't have the freedom to their own bodies, and their own medical decisions they gained from me all these years - and  without so much as a thank you, mind!

And then this thug in NYC here, really will own their bodies.

But will they still vote Republican in the midterms?  Goddamn right they will!  First of all, they are far too uninformed to understand that the GOP will outlaw choice nationwide.  And if they hear of it they will say "oh, they can't do that."  They can, and they will, but they won't believe it.  And they certainly don't care about the hell their votes have visited upon women, especially WOC, in red states right now.

Do I blame men for this?  OF COURSE I DO.  In fact:


But what do I expect from white men?  Well, I expect exactly this.  But white women could have prevented this. White women delivered this to us and they truly believe it will never impact them.  Why did they do it?  Racism of course.  But I feel like what's never discussed is they did it because they are insecure little assholes who need white male approval. 

Gloria Steinem was viciously attacked in 2016 when she told the truth about white women.  She said that when you are a young woman on a college campus, you go where the boys are.  And where were the college boys in 2016?  Well they were with Bernie.  And oh how the Beckys screamed and squealed.

But Gloria was right.  And eventually those little Beckys will grow into full-blown Karens, marry some white dude, and turn MAGA.

Because that's what they do.  If they marry, that's what the majority of them do.  There is a reason single white women have different voting patterns than married white women.  And it's not because we need the nanny state.  I don't.

It's just because we don't have some dude constantly yammering in our faces about non-white people, about the feminist bitches, about the borders, etc.  You know, it goes on and on.  Listen I have brothers who do this, I know.  They never shut the fuck up, do they? 

Men are very controlling.  By and large, they really are.  But it's the women allowing themselves to be controlled.  So they can feel they were picked?  I don't know.  I honestly never figured out why.  To avoid a fight?  But many of them become true believers.  Because the couple who hates together, stays together?  I don't know.  I have an aunt like that.  She and her third husband (not a typo) were so filled with hate.  And it's funny because she is viciously anti-choice today, but I happen to remember when her daughter (my first cousin) came home preggers at 16.  And my aunt couldn't get her to the clinic fast enough.

But today, both that cousin and my aunt who paid for that abortion, are MAGA.  So they did this.  I guess this is a case of "the only moral abortion is my abortion" a very real phenomenon on the white, so-called Christian right.   I don't fuck with either one of them, and couldn't give a shit about them either.  But it's interesting that I noticed something when my aunt was married to her third husband, whom she almost definitely never told about the abortion her daughter had and she paid for and wanted her to have: when they weren't spewing hate about others, they were at each other's throats.

And I  mean big time.  To the point my aunt ran away from him and stayed with my mom for a week one time.  And another time, she caught him having some kind of cyber affair.  And she hated his adult children.  And they hated her.  I mean, it was quite something.   But things seemed to improve once Trump came down that escalator ranting about Mexicans.   And they spent the remainder of her husband's time on this earth spewing hate outwards, instead of inwards.

And then he died, and I was like, welp, one less vote for Trump!  Because he was a vicious, mean man, and I don't play pretend. 

I have another cousin who is very pro-choice but who I believe voted for Trump.  I know her daughter did.  Now my cousin is all up in arms about the overturning of Roe.  Well, what did you expect?   The official platform of the GOP has been a NO EXCEPTIONS abortion ban since George W Bush.  But, surprise?  I mean, how stupid do you have to be.

I would say they were dickmatized but I've seen the men they are with.  

My personal opinion is they should all pack up and get the fuck out of NYS where they are trying to run out the clock as free women, and move to S Carolina today, where every miscarriage is a crime scene.  Because it's their votes that gave that to women there.  Why are you here, living free by virtue of my vote?  

But they won't.  And most of them will still vote Republican.  It's the few who split and vote Dem over this that could affect the midterms.  But the percentage who will do that will be small.  Turnout of our base is going to be much more important. 

All I can do is help in turnout efforts.  Don't count on married white suburban women for shit.  We need our base to turn out.  We need to register new voters, and get them to the polls.  It's really the only hope we have left. 



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