How Are People This Stupid?

This is an amazing story:

South Dakota high school rodeo club cancels annual ‘slave auction’ fundraiser.

I am completely flabbergasted by reading this.  Look, I know stupid.  I live on Long Island for crap's sake.   But this is next-level.

Read the quotes. One woman is stunned and confused that there was any backlash, and would never relate slavery with race or racism.

"In the tiny South Dakotan town called Faith, the high school Rodeo Club planned to hold its annual fundraising event next Monday night at the Legion Hall, complete with a pancake supper, bidding on pies and a “Slave/Branding Auction.”

"For decades, Rodeo Club members offered a few days of their labor to a rancher in exchange for a donation — and although there have long been calls for clubs across the state to stop labeling this slavery, the name in Faith has stuck. But this year, as a poster circulated on Facebook, Legion Hall host Glenda McGinnis said she received dozens of calls from people around the country wanting to know “how such a racist and hurtful name could be used in 2021.”

You should have received millions of calls!  But look at the halfwit's response:

“I thought it was a joke. We have the event every year, for about 40 years now,” said McGinnis, vice president of the Community Action Club that owns the Legion Hall in Faith."

McGinnis further explained: “I didn’t even think of ‘slavery’ in racist terms. It’s just kids work for free to raise money for their club. Now I see; this is a very bad choice of words. But I’m naive enough, I guess.”

No, you're not "naive".  Naive is when someone clicks on a link and puts in their Amazon password.  You're a fucking moron.  You give morons a bad name. 

If any of these staggeringly stupid idiots knew how to read, they might have known that something similar happened in 2018, only about 100 miles away. Look at this one:

"In 2018, a “slave auction” was held as a fundraiser for the Pierre/Fort Pierre High School Rodeo Club, about 125 miles southeast of Faith. David Kastner, who is Native American, drew attention to the issue, and a local television station described him as a “lone man with a concern about the name.”

The club met to discuss changing the name, but members couldn’t think of another name and kept it as is, according to the Capital Journal newspaper."

A group of these dumb motherfuckers gathered to try and change the name of the fundraiser, but couldn't come up with any other name, so kept it as slave auction.

THINK ABOUT THAT. They gathered, drooling, slack-jawed, derping all over the place, and ran helmetless, into a concrete wall built of their own stupidity.  They couldn't think of any other name.  Jesus Christ! 

Knowing how dumb most people are is what scares me every time I get into my car.  Like, this is all racist as shit, but you really have to marvel at their "thoughts" about this. I could have a smarter conversation with a cat. They are below morons. And there are a lot of them out there. A lot of people are really this  stupid, and it took me so long to realize that. I don't know why we bother with horror movies. You want to scare yourself just go outside and talk to your neighbors.

I have this theory that you could release a line of frozen dinners under the brand name "Pol Pot" and Americans would buy them.  You probably couldn't keep them in stock they would sell so fast.

"Ohhh, honey look it's those Pol Pot frozen dinners, I think I've heard of those?"

"Yeah sounds vaguely familiar."

"Well they must be good if we've both heard of them!"

And then, think about this.  Thanks to our ludicrous system, N Dakota and S Dakota get 4 senators. Okay. These two low-population states filled with people who view being a half-wit as an unreachable goal, get two Senators each!

They should be ONE state and be grateful for it.  These dopes are sending FOUR Senators to DC and we are all living under their rule.

Meatheads who DON'T KNOW THAT SLAVERY HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH RACE. Who can't come up with another name for a freaking fundraising event. They are making laws for ME. My IQ is double any moron quoted in this article. But I'm living under their thumb.

So you wanna cry about DC statehood?  Tell it to your mommy.  You bet I want DC statehood.  I demand it.  The system is stacked against us and that all traces right back to slavery, which btw, DID have something to do with race. 

The little fake  crybabies like insurrectionist cop killers, Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz?  They know our system is rigged and they know why.  They count on you not knowing.  

The population of Washington DC is 700,000.  South Dakota's population is 899,000, North Dakota's is 765,000.  They both have two Senators each, Washington DC has zero Senators.  ZERO.

The population of NYS is 19 MILLION people.  California is 40 Million.  We each have two Senators, the same number as North Dakota, the same number as South Dakota.

The game's rigged people.  And it was rigged to protect slavery.  That's the OG reason.  Now they use it to keep power in the hands of the minority in this country.  And to keep black people from voting.

And yeah, it all has something to do with race.  And with power.  But power in the hands of the "right" people.  

Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley know this.  Ted Cruz graduated from both PRINCETON University and HARVARD law school.  Josh Hawley graduated from both STANFORD University and YALE law school.

Just a couple of ordinary shit-kicking cowpokes looking out for Joe Average. 

Yeah, they know.  They depend on YOU not knowing.

But I know.  

DC Statehood Now. 



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