Henry Cavill Will Play Superman Once More

Henry Cavill's Man of Steel...thoughts?  Well, here are mine.  There are a few reasons why more recent Superman movies have kind of fallen flat.  Writing, directing, etc.  I mean, it's all arguable.  After all, what would internet incels do if they couldn't argue about these things?

For me, there's one obvious reason.  It's because there was once the perfect Superman, and no one has ever matched him.  And, perhaps, no one ever will.


Christopher Reeves.  Sublime.  Perhaps even more so as Clark Kent.  I've yet to see a more convincing, endearing Clark.   Henry Cavill is fine.  But he's not Reeves.  Brandon Routh's Superman comes closer, in fact. 

Anyway, on to the new Henry Cavill news.  Deadline is reporting that Cavill is in talks to make one more appearance as Superman.  It's likely going to be as a cameo, or a smaller role in another Superhero's film.  

It could be Shazam 2, and some signs even point that way, but I'm hoping it's for Aquaman 2.  Mostly so I can talk about Jason Momoa, who as we know, is on my Fantasy Fucks Draft List

I'm totally down with a Cavill cameo or role, but he lacks that sex sizzle.  This is not a problem Aquaman shares:


Yes, yes permission granted!

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