Hanging Out On Post-Summer Long Island

So what do you do when your post-Covid, shotgirl summer on Long Island ends and you never found the fuckboy you wanted?  We're about to find out!

I called this at the beginning of the summer, it's not a surprise to me.  About 10 years ago, after a split, I was looking for a fuckboy, and what do you think happened?  I got sexually assaulted in the unisex restroom at Four in Huntington, groped by married men at The Grill Room in Hauppauge, and finally gave up.  That's when I met the hot blacksmith from Cape Cod, and made the huge mistake of moving in with him.  

The sex was amazing but it was so much better when we were meeting up in Danbury and spending weekends together.  Moving in kinda killed it.   Never again my friends.

So anyway...no I wasn't surprised when my summer, which got off to a truly fantastic start, kinda fizzled after I hurt my leg bike riding, and also had to move in August.   

At the beginning of this summer, there was a guy.  I knew him for about a year and a half.  I knew him all through Covid, and during NY Pause he was one of the few people I actually saw face to face nearly every day.  I never gave him any thought other than as a nice guy, mostly because my 2020 consisted of eating too much and crying.  But around spring '21 I realized that I had grown kind of attached to him as a friend, and then another realization followed when it dawned on me I was kind of attracted to him.  I don't feel attracted to many men.  That's a real issue when you are trying to find a fuckboy.

Anyway, he ended up not being in my life anymore because he changed jobs.  And although we said we'd keep in touch we didn't.   Let's call this guy, "A".  I'll get back to him. 

So, last night I went to Eleanor's in Bohemia again.   Of course I met someone.  I think Eleanor's is kind of a pick up place for old people, but I didn't realize it right away, because the last time I was in a pick up place it was the 1990's, Barker's in Deer Park, and I was very young. 

I am definitely younger than the median age there, but there are younger men who come in sometimes, and they always seem to try and pick me up.  That's what happened when I met the Trumpster cop who was five years younger than me.  And almost became my summer fuckboy, but then didn't.  

Anyway, last night I met another one, but I just wasn't into him.  For some reason I had an instant and strong attraction to the cop, until I didn't.   But last night, with this guy, no.  So after a couple of hours I left because he was a little too into me and sometimes I just need to leave those situations. 

When I got home and looked at my phone I realized that "A" had texted me.  This really surprised me because I haven't heard from him.  He was drunk.  So was I.   He definitely made it known he's up for it.   I think I did too, but since we were both drunk I guess we will see what happens.

I happen to have known he had a gf even though he never mentioned her to me (until last night).   But I found out from my friend that although he just got divorced, his gf didn't and is still married.  

Isn't that interesting?  I have known a few women this has happened to, but this is the first man I know of.   You know, where one divorce happens but the second one doesn't.   I guess it's pretty common.  

Tonight I am going back to Eleanor's because my friend J is singing there.  Tomorrow night I am going to Margarita's Cafe in Freeport.   I am hoping this weekend I just stay home because I really need to get stuff done around the house!  

I also have tons of other stuff I want to do.  Fall isn't as awesome as summer on LI, but it's pretty cool.  I want to decorate for Halloween, go out east pumpkin picking, hit the haunted corn maze at Schmitt's Farm in Huntington, and take my little nephew miniature golfing again. 

I have so much I want to do and so little time to do it in before winter comes.  I hate winter.  But my Long Island Fall 2021 season is underway and I'm kind of excited!  

- I'm going to update this because I don't think I will write about this person again, or if I do, it will be down the road.   I won't write about him during a currently running storyline is basically what I mean.  He's a friend before anything else, and that's just the respectful thing. 

I never went to Freeport Friday night because my roommate was late getting back to Long Island.  We went to Insignia in Smithtown instead (awesome place!).  Afterwards, I did meet up with A. 

One of my favorite shows is The Big Bang Theory, and I always loved the way Penny explains how Schrodinger's Cat applies to attraction.  Schrodinger's Cat theorizes when there is a cat in the box, until you open the box, you don't know if the cat is dead or alive,  therefore, the cat theoretically exists in a state where it is both alive and dead until its state has been observed.

You may think you are attracted, but you really don't know for sure until you make out.  And in the moments, days, months whatever, between the initial spark of attraction and the first time you make you, you are both attracted and not attracted.

Last night we finally made out.  

The cat is alive. 

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