GOP Stars Cosplay Apocalypse Now

These staggering asshats.   Humiliating America is one of two things in their useless lives they excel at.   Being national embarrassments and the leading causes of Dry Ass Pussy.   That's it.  And I mean, they excel. 



Do you believe this shit?  You know Cruz was looking for the Four Seasons Cancun and Lindsey, well let's not even put our minds to what he was looking for.

Why are they doing this to America?

How does Heidi Cruz fuck her husband?  First, Trump calls her a dog and Ted gets on  his knees and licks his ass, now this.  There's not enough KY in the world folks.  

Now,  where could you find these Trump ass-lickers while Trump and Nazi-vampire Stephen Miller were torturing babies at the border?

They weren't suiting up to save babies, that I can promise you.  They were on FOX news running their filthy mouths about Gretchen Miller, trying to get her killed.  Or ramping up hate and violence against Asian-Americans.  You know, the usual day ending in a y for Republicans.


At first, I swear to God I thought this was a joke:



This looks like the beginning of one of those low-budget Kirk Cameron message movies right?

Ted Cruz grew a beard and thinks he's hot now.  I would blame all of this on Chris Evans who allowed this cretin to take a picture with him, but, I know Evans was cringing inside and just did it for Ted's poor daughter.   



Look at that.  You can even see how creepy Cruz is even with men, right?  Instead of having his arm around his daughter, he's got it around Evans.  Can't you just feel Evans cringing?  Evans keeps his hand on the little girl's back, doing everything he can to avoid touching Cruz himself.   Even the body language, Cruz leaning in, Evans leaning out.

I get what Evans is doing with A Starting Point, and I'm all for it, but one negative byproduct was some of these clowns getting pictures with him and it going to their heads.

In case you are confusing yourself Teddy, the dude on the right?  Leading cause of WAP.  The dude on the left, YOU?  The leading cause of DAP.

Don't even get me started on Crenshaw who thinks he IS Captain America now, but funny I can smell his stink ass from here. 

Now they all butch up and get on a boat like they are headed for the Ho Chi Minh trail.

I wonder how much coffee they had to pour down that old drunk Lindsey Graham's throat before they could even rouse him.   If I saw Graham coming towards me with that gun strapped around him I wouldn't be able to stop laughing.  

But all over America, while pussies were drying up at this sight, guess what else was happening?

A bunch of old wrinkly ass white dudes watching FOX got their first erections in fifteen years.  

This is today's GOP.  It's ain't funny, it ain't helpful, and it sure ain't pretty. 

God help us all.

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