Goodbye To "Back The Blue"

They will blame the cops so they don't have to blame the gun.

For years now we've heard "BACK THE BLUE" screamed at us with words, with signs, with bumper stickers.

Goodbye to all that.  That was good when the cops were shooting unarmed black people.  If they have to choose between a cop and a dead black person, they will back the blue, sure.

But now, they have to choose between a cop and their AR-15.

Guess who wins?

AR-15's were built to slaughter enemy soldiers on battlefields.

Read its history here.

Some outtakes:

"In the early ’60s, the Defense Documentation Center for Scientific and Technical Research (now the Defense Technical Information Center) released a 55-page study on the AR-15's suitability for the South Vietnamese army. “The AR-15 Armalite rifle has been subjected to a comprehensive field evaluation under combat conditions in Vietnam,” the report began. It went on: “because of the controversy which has surrounded this weapon, particular care was exercised to insure that the tests were objective, thorough and adequately documented, and to insure that valid data and conclusions were derived therefrom.”

The results, culled from evaluations by American “advisors” and South Vietnamese already deployed against the Viet Cong, were crystalline: “The lethality of the AR-IS and its reliability record were particularly impressive.”

The report describes, with grisly detail, how the AR-15, chambered with the same .223 ammunition that it uses today, not only killed VC soldiers but decapitated and dismembered them"

And: "VC soldiers shot with the AR-15 were regularly described as looking as if they had “exploded”

We have been bullied by headcase gun nuts into not calling these weapons what they are.  One of their favorite tactics is to catch you, a normal person, in a "mistake". 

"It wasn't even an AR-15!  It was a Sig Sauer MCX!  Do you even know anything about guns?  IDIOT!"

"It's not automatic, it's semi-automatic!  You fucking braindead libtard!"

I call them fucking machine guns.  I don't give a fuck about the technicalities.  They fire off hundreds of bullets in seconds and rip apart human bodies.  Rip apart children's bodies.  DNA tests are needed to ID the little victims.  They have been ripped to smithereens while these headcases argue technicalities.

And we let them.

In 1994, Bill Clinton fought for, passed, and then signed the Brady Act and the Assault Weapons Ban.  Afterwards, shootings decreased by forty percent. At the end of his second term there were 227,000 fewer gun crimes and fewer children killed by guns than when he took office.

In 2004 the ban expired under George W Bush.    And after they let the ban expire, shootings increased by 243%.  These are FACTS.  By the way, all of your favorite "Never-Trump" character actors loved it. They loved it, and gloated about it, and worked for it.

Today, they perform their tears nightly while you make them millionaires.  

Today, we have been so bullied by the right wing, that we whisper and beg for "slightly increase background checks, please, maybe?"


You better stand up and start yelling people.  We need a new ban on these weapons of mass destruction today. 

Instead, the Tucker Carlsons, seeing an uprising, move to quash it by turning on their former pals, the cops.

Now, I am in no way defending the actions of the Uvalde responding police.  Never have I ever seen a bigger bunch of mewling cowards in my life.  The school would have been better served calling the fucking fire department.  And their actions in tasering and handcuffing parents who were desperately trying to get into that school to save their children, are in my opinion, criminal and should be treated as such.

But the bottom line here is that there were armed officers at Robb, there were armed officers at Stoneman, there were armed officers at Columbine.   They didn't stop shit.  Why?

Because the attackers had AR-15's, or very similar weapons of mass destruction.

Now, you want to arm teachers.  Oh sure, because if armed, trained cops wearing protective gear can't stand against these weapons, Nurse Betty will be able to take them down!

Wake the fuck up.

Tucker pivoted to cops, who did Ted Cruz blame?




Yep, ole Teddy is taking on the Big Door lobbyists.  Look at him go! 

But while being tough enough to stand up to the door lobby, how much did Ted Cruz rake in from the gun lobby?

"Texas Senator Ted Cruz has been the biggest beneficiary of those groups when it comes to campaign spending. A separate study by OpenSecrets looking at funds received by gun rights groups from 1989-2020 shows he has received a disproportionately larger amount of funds from those groups, compared to other lawmakers. Cruz received $442,333 in that time period, compared to $248,058 to Steve Scalise, the second-largest recipient of funds from gun rights groups.”

See, people, if these weapons of wars are sold only to the military, guess who loses billions of dollars?

That's right, the people who own Ted Cruz's tiny little cock.  That's who.

And so our children will continue to be blown apart by these weapons, and sometimes the responding cops actually will engage, I mean they aren't ALL cowards, but they will likely lose.  The retired police officer, working as armed security at TOPPS grocery store in Buffalo, engaged the AR-15 toting, shooter there immediately.  He was not a coward.  He was killed and the slaughter continued.  And sometimes, the cops won't engage.  And it will all end in more dead children, who died terrified and screaming. And whose parents and siblings and aunts and uncles will never draw another peaceful breath for the rest of their tormented lives.

If we let them get away with it again.  Stop engaging with their gaslighting and their bullshit and their gun specifications pedantry.   Start making them pay. 

Because this is evil.  And we have allowed it. 

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  • Stacy’s Mom

    YES!! 🙏 bring back the assault weapons ban you gun lobby whores! Save our children.

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