General Hospital; The One Where The Writers Blank The Bed

The writers shit the bed, not to put too fine a point on this.  I'm talking about The Cabin in the Woods.  But first, let's get to earlier in the week.

We had to sit through more Carson, with Sonny looking incredibly confused while Carly shrieks at him again.  When are they going to put Carson out of our misery?  Mo and Laura have zero sexual chemistry, let's be honest here.  I do think Mo has some with Cynthia, and I have seen Laura have lots of chem with others in the past.  Jax and Todd come to mind.  There were others.  So why are we subjected to this?



I'm not sure how I feel about this "Sonny's off his meds again" storyline.  He and Nina have enough chemistry and pent up sexual frustration that they should just be boning their brains out already.  No need for this shit.   And they will make  a big mistake if they have them fall into bed while Sonny is off his meds.  That's predatory, and I don't want them to go there.  Just let them enjoy each other while both mentally healthy.  Well, as mentally healthy as these two can be, anyway. 

I have to admit I got a kick out of Sonny freaking out on Drew and calling him a clearance rack Jason.


Now, Cameron is way hotter than Steve, and a better actor too, so Sonny as usual got this all ass-backwards, but it was a funny scene.  

So, the teen trip finally happened, and while, I expected to be disappointed, I did not expect this.

Writers, what the ever fuck are  you thinking?  Or are you thinking at all? 

We have Trina as the only black person on a trip with three white "friends".  Alone.  In a cabin.  I really assumed that Esme was going to do something fucked up, and Spence would save Trina, and confess his  love to her.  Instead, I got the daytime "Get Out".

Now, if you're white, and find yourself sitting there screeching "OH WHY BRING RACE INTO THIS", then you need to x out now and go find a safe space for yourself. 

Let's look at some real life news, shall we?

Here is the curious case of Tamla Horsford, a black woman who died at an otherwise all-white party.  After a lot of outcry, the initial case was reopened, only to be closed again a year later.  Now, maybe she fell.  But maybe she didn't.  I suspect she did not, but I guess  now we're never gonna know.

But then again, maybe we will.  Sometimes, when a black  person dies surrounded by a bunch of white people, it takes 17 years to find out a murder took place, not an "accident".

Read about Alonzo Brooks   here

So if you are one of the white ladies on the #GH Twitter hash tag, whining about "bringing race into this" you can stop and think why black women might be particularly outraged about this fucking outrageous GH storyline. 

Trina was let down by her friends on this trip.  And by her potential love interest.  Trina is the only black teen in the group, the only teen without a boyfriend or girlfriend, and now, she is the only teen who was drugged on this getaway.

Joss doesn't know her friend was drugged,  but what she does know is her friend was humiliated, and she believes her friend is very drunk and not feeling well.  So Joss tries to talk to Trina once, Trina tells her to go away she's not feeling well, Joss goes back out and screams at Esme, which makes her so horny she proceeds to fuck Cam.  

Spencer, whom we are meant to believe is secretly in love with Trina,  leaves the party on the orders of his white girlfriend, Esme.  The white girl who drugged Trina.

And Trina is all alone, likely unconscious, in her bedroom.  And  not one of her friends checked on her.  One left and the other two decided they were horny and the hell with Trina.  Trina would never treat her friends this way.   Trina deserves friends that value her friendship the way she values the friendship of others.  Trina deserves friends who have her back, and who never not check on her.

I'm going to have to say, Trina needs black friends.  Because they would have already thrown hands.  I'm going to be honest, I'm white and no teen, but I woulda thrown hands on this trip.  But I understand that what I would do doesn't matter.  Trina needs black friends.  Full stop. 

She's been humiliated because the writers forced our wonderful, strong, self-confident Trina, to "confess" she had some feelings about Cam being with Joss.  Humiliating herself by admitting she supposedly lost out to the white girl, and implying that Trina is lonely and left out.

Give me a fucking break will you!  Bullshit. 

So now they've made Trina pathetic.  She better come outta that room never speaking to any of these bitches, and I include both Cam and Spencer in that, again.

Trina is not pathetic,  what she is, is unprotected among a sea of white morons, and one evil one. 

I was so high on Sprina, and now they've ruined it for me.  I was going along with beautiful Trina not having a love interest, because I believed they were building up to Spencer earning Trina.  But now they've fucked that all up, and I want a hot new love interest for Trina, someone worthy of her.  Sprina can be endgame, but I'm gonna need to see Spencer fight for her.  

You sure have shit the bed this week GH.   Get rid of your clueless, out of touch writers.

-I need more Martin, I love him!

-Only in the Cassadine family do you need to worry about your father chloroforming your ass and having you thrown into a trunk. 

-Chase should always be shirtless


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    You did amazing with this article. You hit every nail on the hammer with sum up Fridays episode. I don’t have the heart to watch it. Great Job!

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