General Hospital Losing Some Big Names This Week

**Story has been updated below as Ingo confirmed OUT by NLG on late night Twitter.  LOL

Yes GH peeps, Twitter is alive with the sound of gossip...soap gossip which is the best gossip.  Honestly, why isn't General Hospital in particular filming as an unscripted reality show?  Their behind the scenes drama is famously more juicy than anything they, or any soap, has ever put on screen.

I think that if they flipped GH to a reality show filming in the dressing rooms, conference rooms, hallways, catching all the behind-the-scenes back-stabbings, affairs, manipulations, demands, fighting, etc, the ratings would soar.  Free idea here ABC!

And this week, the legendary GH BTS drama continues.

ABC has instituted a vaccine mandate.  So far, General Hospital is the only soap to have one.  It took effect this past Monday, November 1st. 

Soap bloggers I have never yet known to be wrong say Ingo (or as we call him, Dingo) is out.  Now, this one isn't a surprise as Dingo has lived up to his name which is short for Dingbat, and spread his MAGA bullshit all over social media to the point he was forced to delete his Twitter account.  But he's still on Instagram ranting like a mental case. 

Here's the shocker; they state as fact that Steve Burton is also out.

Holy fuck.  It was strongly believed Burton was vaccinated, because of something he said on his podcast with Bradford Anderson.  Now, I can't swear to it one way or the other, because as someone who has control of all her mental facilities, I don't listen to that podcast.  

So if this information is true, what remains unclear is whether Burton LIED about his vaccination status.  That may yet come out, and that would be big news.  Because face it, that's morally indefensible.  Yeah I'm talking to you sitting there in your "Stone Cold's Girl" sweatshirt.  It's morally indefensible. 

Since the internet is undefeated, check out this voiceover someone on Twitter did:




I died.

Is anyone else out?  I've seen rumors but nothing that rises to the level of the information about Dingo and Burton, which I believe is a done deal and won't be undone.  If there are any other vaccine-related firings, we will sure find out soon enough.  

So, what do we want to happen from here?

I say bring Billy Miller back, NOT to replace Cameron Mathison who is doing a great job, and I don't go for that "we got the old guy back let's fire the new one" shit.  And also:

No, we'll keep Cam, but let's get back hot Billy Miller and pull a "the role of Jason Morgan will now be played by..." thing.

Some say Miller's departure from GH was so acrimonious that he would never go back.  But no details were ever released about that.  We certainly knew there was, again, tons of BTS drama around Miller once Burton returned.  I mean, Burton's an ahole so of course there was.  But we never were privy to the details.  Again, they shoulda filmed it!  Ratings gold!

Since they didn't film it, and nobody is really talking, we just don't know how bad it was, or who exactly was involved.  

Or, they can just kill off the character.  Honestly, I could go either way on this.  The only worry I would have with a recast is eventually, some day, Covid may be over (though I think it's with us forever), or at least, the need for vaccine mandates could end, and somehow, Burton like a bad penny would turn up in the role again.

Please, God, no.  So maybe kicking his dead (for real this time) body off the docks again is the way to go.  

Don't recast Jax please.  That character is useless now and belongs back in the 90's. 

To Dingo and Steve I leave you with this:

"Bye Bitches"

Who wants to put money on which one of these fools goes into full-MAGA-VICTIM mode and does the FOX news "poor me" thing first?  Maybe they will sell themselves as a pair?  

Dingbat and Dildock go on their professional victims tour soon, count on it.  You will see their stupid faces on Tucker Carlson, should you be so inclined, and if you are, what the fuck are you doing here?


Ingo went full-on transphobia this week in his Instagram stories, and was called out by cast member Cassandra James.  Nancy Lee Grahn then confirmed Ingo is O U T at GH:



A couple of things.

-NLG was almost definitely not supposed to confirm he's out.  Will Alexis be put back in prison as punishment?   She could have just stood with Cassandra and called out Ingo without confirming his employment status, but then this wouldn't be Behind the Scenes at General Hospital where the action is always hotter than what's on screen (except for Sprina).

-I've seen a lot of tweets complaining that Ingo was never fired for his racist jackass comments but he was for his LGBTQ hate.  Well, no, he was not.  Ingo was fired as of November 1st because he refused to comply with fucking DISNEY's vaccine mandate.  Not because NLG doesn't like him, not because Cassandra stood up for herself, and not because anyone running GH gives one good goddamn about him bullying his coworkers and creating a hostile work environment.

So don't get it twisted.

We now await UPDATE #2 when it's confirmed Burton is gone, but he's gone too peeps.  

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  • Tara8

    I wonder if these unvaccinated idiots are why Genie Francis has been gone so long? I would be so mad. I miss Genie.

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