Gen X Women; How Young Is Too Young?

 Here on Long Island, Shot Girl Summer is underway.  Even though Memorial Day was a near total washout, I did make it to the Salt Shack in Babylon on Monday, when the sun finally showed its rays. 

Now that we are out of lockdown and I'm fully vaxxed, I feel as if I am coming out of a cocoon, you know?  Getting back out there isn't as weird as I would have thought.  For many reasons, I am in no way ready to couple up though.  I just wanna have some fun.

Which I was doing, while the Long Island band, The Mystic, put on such a great show, and I was drinking margaritas and okay, I did vape a little.  So I was feeling good.  

I noticed a man had come to stand next to me, but didn't pay any attention until he nudged me to tell me that he really loved that my nail polish matched my rings.  Which, it did.  It's not something I normally strive for, but I did choose kind of a turquoise color nail polish, and I was wearing my turquoise rings, so, yeah. 


I had a different turquoise ring on my other hand.  Anyway, I just nodded and smiled and thanked him.  He walked away, only to return about five minutes later, lean in and say 

"you know, you're very cute"

I don't consider myself cute, I think of myself more as the bombshell type, but some of my exes have hit on the cute thing, so...opinions vary I guess. 

This was all fine, except that he looked to be about 15 years younger than me.  So, Gen X ladies, how young is too young?

For me, that's too young.  It's different for men, but...

Okay, how many of you nodded at that sentence?  "It's different for men..."

No, it's not!  So why did you nod?  Men with women young enough to be their daughters is gross.  I should know, since in my early 20's I had some serious daddy issues, which greatly benefited the local mechanic.   But it makes me sick when I think about it now.  Thank God I worked through them in therapy.  Can you imagine if I still had daddy issues?  Do you know how old my actual daddy would be if he was still alive?  

I would be stalking the old age homes.  

It's funny, I moved back to my hometown 2 years ago, and a person I really was very fond of recently left the complex where I live now.  He told me to come in to a local bar he sometimes frequents for happy hours.  I'd love to see him, but man it'd be like walking into a time machine for me.  

Shennigans it's called now, and I'm certain it had a different name back in the day, but I can't recall it and the internet doesn't seem to know.   Anyway, that's where the the-then local mechanic hung out, and he was my boyfriend for a while, except boyfriend is a ridiculous word in his case. 

Anyway, get it out of your head.   It's not different.

So, technically, a 15 year age difference isn't really a dad or mom situation, except it is.  Technically, it really is.  I draw the line at 20 though.  Across the board.  But for me personally, 15 is still a bit much.

And so no, I wasn't interested.  Oh, also he looked a lot like the Son of Sam.  For real.  


Yeah, I can't see it.  I'm not the one for a Son of Sam lookalike with mommy issues. 

But that's me.  Maybe you feel differently.  Maybe you would like a younger guy.  Honestly, in my mid-40's, absolutely.  I looked 10 years younger, and most men my age looked at least 5 years older than their age, so, the math just made sense.

But these, days, I am going to put the cutoff at 10 years.  No more than 10 years younger.   

So, this is the beginning of my hot vaxx summer.   Which I plan on spending at venues like the Salt Shack, with my girlfriends, listening to music and drinking...when I'm not on the Bethpage State Park bike trail.

Just those things alone, will maybe finally get the year 2020 out of my system.  It's been a tough one to shake, in many ways. 

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