Following Women Into Public Bathrooms: Never Smart

Okay, let's take a look  at what all the hullabaloo is about:



Nobody thinks less of American Asshole Krysten Sinema than I do.  I have the blog posts to prove it.   Now, let's ask ourselves some questions about this video:

-Was this smart?

-Was this an effective tactic?

-Who looks bad in this video?

First, I want to put this out there; if anyone follows me into a pubic bathroom with a fucking video camera, their face is going to become very familiar with the toilet bowl.  Flush.  Repeat.  Flush.  Repeat.

I remember when the left was showing up at restaurants ruining dinners for the likes of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and Mitch McConnell.  And I was all for that.  Especially when they are locking children in cages, yeah, do it.  I didn't go along with the beltway bullshit of that being out of bounds.  I was all for it.

I'm still all for it.  Go into a restaurant and ruin Simema's dinners.  Ruin all their dinners.  Ruin McConnell's dinners too because don't forget about the morally craven, indecent, depraved, GOP please. 

But Don't Follow Women Into Bathrooms. 

This isn't hard.  We can put aside all of the emotions that arise from watching that.  I definitely would be infuriated and take action to protect myself.  Nobody is filming me in the bathroom you can bet on that.   And some people get off on it and defend it.  So opinions vary.

But when you are doing politics, the only question you should be asking is: Is This An Effective Tactic?

And the answer here is clearly no. 

If they had not followed this asshole into the bathroom, if they had stopped when she ran away from them like the coward she is, and hid out in the bathroom, the story would have been "Senator Sinema flees and hides from her constituents yet again."

That's a good story for you!   That's the story you want out there.

Here's the story now:  "Senator Kyrsten Sinema chased into bathroom by activists and filmed."

That's not a good story for you.  That's not the story you want out there.

You just made this empty human being, this obvious narcissist, and yes, this idiot, into the victim.

Don Draper famously said "if you don't like what they're saying, change the conversation."

In Arizona, Sinema is underwater with both Democrats AND Independents.  Man, I LOVE that conversation.  Why on earth would you want to change that conversation?  Who did want to change that conversation?  Kyrsten Sinema. 

You did her job for her.  So this was not an effective action.   Please, get smart fast.  We really don't have time for your learning curve.  I know what it's like to be young and passionate and do foolish things because you know you have the moral high ground.

And you do have the moral high ground.  So don't cede it.  Ever.  For any reason.  To anybody. 

Get smart faster than my generation of activists did.  I mean, I remember when Code Pink scared school children by dressing up I think as ghosts and ghouls, and "haunting" a fucking White House Halloween event.  

Medea Benjamin thought this was a great idea.  You should have seen the backlash!   Actually let me add an addendum: Don't follow women into bathrooms and don't dress up as war ghosts to scare little children.

I actually have to write that.  Read that again.  You might think that was just something called common sense right?  Well, sense isn't common people.

When I was a peace activist during the W years, I was hit in the face with the American flag, sexually harassed, asked for my underwear, and one time, literally shoved into oncoming traffic. 

I never reacted.  Because these goons repeatedly hitting a girl in the face with the American flag, these old men leering at me and talking about my underwear, the thug who shoved a girl into traffic...that all made them look like what they were.  Thugs.  Goons.  And it made me look like what I was.  Peaceful.  

Emotions have their place in activism. We wouldn't be activists if we didn't have strong emotions and empathy. You're an activist because you care. But you can't let the emotions drive your tactical strategy. Only your brain should be doing that.

Watching that video I hear the words of the young woman holding the camera and she says she was a victim of human trafficking.   That broke my heart.  But nobody is talking about that because now all they are talking about is likely-sociopathic Krysten Sinema being filmed while in a bathroom stall.  And that makes me angry.  Remember you are dealing with one of the biggest fame-craving attention-mongers in the game.   Don't give it to her.  

Stop before following her into the bathroom and show the world what a fucking empty coward she is. 

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