Drama In The Arrowverse

So, I've seen some drama a-brewin over at my favorite place; The CW.  Specifically, the Arrowverse.

I always kind of viewed the CW as a magical place.  Enchanted, really.  Just over the US border, in Vancouver, its racially diverse cast, its LGBTQ characters and actors.  I really thought it must be heaven!  Don't forget that Supergirl disappeared Twitter MAGAT Dean Cain for an entire year, and then had his daughter receive a phone call that said "yeah, so, he died."  Click. 

I laughed so hard that night.  The CW coming through again!

But it's time for me to put away childish things.  Apparently these thoughts and beliefs were fucking stupid.  

Lookee what came to my attention today:






Folks, this is a problem.  Don't come whining that it was a "long time ago".  Some of them are from 6 years ago, that's not that long, sorry.  I can remember what I was wearing 6 years ago.  I'm not that different than I was 6 years ago, are you? I'm not sure I'm different at all from 6 years ago.  

What is this shit?  How does this attitude manifest itself on set?  Are the women on the set of The Flash safe?  Is their workplace non-hostile?  Because I really have to wonder now. 

All this started me exploring, and there was actually some other, more undercover drama going on in our Arrowverse this week! 


That's Chris Wood, who played Mon-El on Supergirl.  Don't even start your "ohhhh I HATE Mon-El."

Mon-El can get it.  And you know it.  Chris Wood is f'ing gorgeous, probably would be the most beautiful man in the Arrowverse if it weren't for the existence of Wentworth Miller's Captain Cold.   Everybody knows that Miller's Captain Cold is the hottest fuck in the Arrowverse and everyone wants to be in the cargo bay with him.  I will brook no arguments on that point.

But, when Cold isn't available, you'd be knocking on that Mon-El's door and you know it. 

Anyway, this Wood tweet, while very innocent looking, was apparently a subtweet of Danielle Panabaker!  AND, Candace Patton retweeted it.  Huh.  This led me down a whole path, most of which I won't get into, but she was posting Instagram ads when Wood made this tweet.  Whatever the situation between Panabaker and Patton, it cannot be substantiated.  I can smell some white feminism here, but I can't substantiate it for certain. 

Is it enough that Panabaker gave a lot of interviews campaigning for a Barry Allan/ Caitlin Snow relationship, and did not defend Patton against the well-known racist fan boy attacks?   Yeah, probably.  

Anyway, Panabaker aside, the big issue is Hartley Sawyer.  He's now deleted his entire Twitter account.   I can't look at Ralph Dibny the same, I'm going to admit it.  And I really like Ralph!

So, recast, or kill off The Elongated Man?  

After all of my delving deep into the Twitter and Instagram machines, who remains unproblematic in the Arrowverse? 

Chris Wood.  My personal hero, Melissa Benoist.  Grant Gustin.  Wentworth, of course.  There are others.  But I'll be tracking this, because I had no idea there was anything here to track.   I hate misogynistic, racist pricks (Sawyer), but I do love behind-the-scenes Drama!

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