Donny Darko Bunkers Down For 2nd Day

Last night, the White House went dark as the President of the United States, a stone-cold coward, bunkered down for a second day.

Donald Trump lit the matches and ran alright.  Straight into the arms of his loving secret service. 

As of 7:10, Monday morning. Donny Darko hasn't tweeted.  I don't know if the SS has been able to peel him out from underneath his bed.  He is usually perched on his toilet, tweeting madly by now. 

America is burning and the igniter in chief shits himself.  Is America great again yet?

All of this, ALL of this, because America hates women.  Because the far left is filled with incels and misogynists who fell in love with a dandruff-riddled old man who has been screaming the same bullshit since they kicked his ass out of a commune for not working fifty years ago.

Because the right wing always hated "that woman", and got hard watching a greasy realty tv clown stalk her around a debate stage, panting in her ear.  Panting even then, because he can't really breath.  Tough guy.

All of this, ALL of this, because white America got sick when a black man was elected President.  So sick that their stomachs ached for 8 years, culminating in Trump, the orange diarrhea they squirted out into the white house for their revenge.  

All of this, ALL of this, because white police bosses and corrupt, white supremacist police unions, didn't want to arrest four blue murderers. 

America is on fire, the President cowers in his toilet bunker, and it's only June 1st.  What will America look like when November comes?   

You can quibble about Joe Biden all you want.  I won't, because he's all we've got.  We've got him, or four more years of this.

After this past month, I don't know how Biden chooses a white VP.  I don't believe he will.  I believe there's one answer for VP:

Kamala Harris For The People

We're going to win this thing.  We must win this thing.  And we must have someone who represents the future.  I think Biden represents the past, and that's okay.  For now.  There's some comfort there, for many people.  Not for me, but for many.   In these dark times, they want some normalcy, someone they recognize, someone who recalls a better America.  The America of 2014 for instance.  The America of 2008.

Someone who makes them feel safe. 

Now, I'm gonna vote for Biden no matter who he puts on the ticket.  Not everyone will feel the same.  Keep in mind.  But me, yeah, I'll crawl over broken glass to vote against trump no matter what.   

But we need also to look to the future.  We need to represent.  Obama was yesterday.  This is today, and we have to get past today, somehow, intact.  Let's show everyone what tomorrow looks like.

Let's turn the lights on and kick Donny Darko's coward ass out of the people's house.  And let's represent for the future. 

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