Donald Trump, Joe Scarborough, & The Tell-Tale Heart Again

We really need to start here:




I know, gag, right?  I almost threw up too.   

These two clowns are so offensive.  I can write reams on this idiot, Mika, alone.  And I will, oh, I will.  But let's start with the nonsense going on this week.

Now, I do and forever will stipulate that Donald Trump is an offensive, vile, pig-monster.   And his conspiracy theories about the death of Scarborough's Congressional office aide,  Lori Klausutis, certainly fall under the "PIG!" category.

Let's face it; our President is a loathsome fuckwit.  There is no low, there is no bottom, he will always go lower, he will always burrow to a new bottom.  He has no conscious, no morality, no humanity. 

And who foisted him on us?   

Well, Mika and Joe certainly played their part, didn't they?

We see with our own eyes in the above video Mika sexing up a powerful man.  They are practically having phone sex in one of those outtakes.   Was Donald home tugging it during the call?  Well, we'll never know but it wouldn't surprise anyone.

 Mika licking up the sexual approval of a powerful man, in front of her rich and famous boyfriend.  Rich and famous boyfriend loving watching a powerful man want his girlfriend.   I mean, this is pure foreplay.

They kissed this filthy orange ass all throughout the 2016 campaign.  Did it bother them that Trump had already shown who he was by smearing President Obama for 8 freaking years?  How many hearts were broken by birtherism?   How many tears were shed because black people were being told, every single day, that even if they become President they will be told they don't belong?  They're not "real Americans"?

But that didn't concern Joe and Mika, did it?

And oh how they crawled on the floor licking up all of The Donald's crude smears against "Crooked Hillary."

Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm, so delicious, Donald, give us more. 

And he did. 

And that was of no concern to them either.  

But then this now-married couple, and the powerful man, had a personal falling out.   And now we are supposed to cry for them.  And that's all this is; a personal falling out.   Between two preening, overpaid, smear-artists, and the pig of all pigs.  

And now they cry.  Joe Scarborough actually shed tears on camera this morning.  For Lori Klausutis and her grieving husband, he said.  And Mitt Romney tweeted this:



Mitt Romney who paraded The Donald's endorsement all over in 2012.  Which btw, was after Trump had spread his racist conspiracy theories about President Obama.  

Joe and Mika had him on their show 4 years later, after his racist conspiracy theories had made him a leading contender for the racist Republican party's nomination.  And while he was smearing Hillary Clinton, a lifelong public servant, as a crook. 

There were no tears in mudville those nights, my friends. 

So no, I don't feel sorry for them.  Not even a little bit.  They should feel sorry for what they helped inflict on this world.  On people far more helpless than they'll ever be.  On babies in cages.

I'm sorry for the Klausutis family, but I'd need to see their 2016 ballots before I started shedding any tears for them, sorry, but that's how it is.

Mostly, I'm sorry for my goddamned country, shamed, degraded, brought low, by this animal in the White House. 

The same animal Mika purred at and petted, quite literally as shown above, only 3 years ago.  

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