Donald Trump Dishonors The United States of America, Again


“Why should I go to that cemetery? It’s filled with losers.”

The President of the United States asked this question about the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery:

"The Aisne-Marne American Cemetery and Memorial is a 42-acre World War I cemetery in Belleau, Northern France. It is located at the foot of the hill where the Battle of Belleau Wood was fought, with many American fatalities."

This is quite a story from The Atlantic, and you can read it here

Trump also pissed on John Kelly's late son at the foot of his grave, TO John Kelly.  Now I don't know how you were raised, but I personally saw my father drop a man, right in the street in front of our house, for much less.  So I do question what happened to men.   Trump never should have left that cemetery without picking himself up off the ground and the Secret Service hurriedly brushing dirt off his suit. But apparently he did and John Kelly permitted this deranged traitor to disrespect his son's grave.  Can you imagine this shit? 

Now, considering all the shit Trump has pulled, like, oh, I dunno, openly collaborating with Russia to fix our elections, and imploring his crazy supporters to vote twice, I really didn't expect the news that Trump hates our military people to make much of a wave.  I guess I've grown cynical since back when I believed the Republican party would put country over party and not allow a Russian coup to succeed against the United States.  

But the one who squeals is the one you hit and folks, the Trump Pig was squealing last night alright.  He got outta his plane and started lying like a motherfucker, but of course, the buffoon fucked that up too.  How does such an obvious liar con anyone? I will never understand it.



I swear I never called John McCain a loser.  Hmmm... 



The record says different.  Buffoonery.  But this pissing on our troops is not buffoonery.  I have this theory that because Trump is such a unique combination of buffoonery and true malevolence, his evil is less noticeable than it would otherwise be.  Think about it, if he had normal hair you might be less startled by his obvious clownish persona and more by his obvious evildoing. 

It's like, you don't expect Satan to resemble Ronald McDonald.  So there's some vertigo and it throws you off balance.  If this fucking devil just had normal hair and didn't paint himself up to look like he had just been standing next to Chernobyl, a lot of this mess could have been avoided. 

But we're in it now.

Trump also wanted to know who the good guys were in World War I.  I'm not surprised over this.  I'm sure he doesn't know who the good guys were in the Second World War either.  In fact, I've no doubt Trump would have sided with Hitler in that one.  Do you?  Can any person really doubt that?  Of course he would have. 




Let me tell you something about this crazy shit; nobody could make this up.  That's the thing.  And you know it.  And Lindsey Graham knows it.  And Mitch McConnell knows it.  And every single craven Republican knows it.  But they won't say anything.  You can't even find these motherfuckers.  And they claim Joe Biden is hiding in his basement.   More projection. 

I like a little gossip just like the next person, so let's check in on Missy Meghan McCain and her shitbag husband, Ben Domenech, the publisher of right wing rag, The Federalist, and a plagiarist who was fired from the WAPO for getting caught. 



Roh Roh.  I know Nutmeg's got her seething anger issues, and they go back to way before her father passed away, so no excuses there.   And so she probably ran a lot of possible partners off with her frequent explosions of rage, but girl, you marry a  man who won't even stand beside you when some piece of shit comes for your dead father?

Damn girl.  Dick is free, did you know that?   Yeah, it's true!  Free and plentiful!  Somebody's been lying to Meghan and telling her dick is a rare resource.  But dick grows like weeds.  You don't have to debase yourself for it.  Crook your finger.  Dick comes running.  

I really don't know what to do with this girl, I swear to God.   If that were my husband he would already be outta the house with his shoes on fire, cause I would have lit them up on his way out the door.  Nothing moves a man faster than his shoes on fire. 

Anyway, that's just one person's debasement.  You're gonna see a lot more of this, and worse, as this story blows up bigger and bigger.  The cowards will be in hiding over Labor Day weekend, and then Tuesday be claiming they didn't see nothing, they didn't hear nothing, they can't say nothing.

Oh what is Tuesday?  Why, that's September 8th, isn't it?   My, my, if that isn't the day Michael Cohen's book drops.

Hold onto your asses everybody, we've got 60 days and it's gonna be a hell of a run. 

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