Donald Trump Declares War On The United States

— MSNBC (@MSNBC) June 1, 2020

Bunker Bitch waddled out of the WH tonight, surrounded by his hand-picked white supremacist Secret Service Agents, and various other thugs, including the local police, the national guard, etc.   

Trump really went back to his reality tv show clown roots and orchestrated an entire evening, kicked off by ordering his white supremacist thugs to tear gas, beat, and shoot rubber bullets at peaceful protesters.  He dropped some gas on some priests at St. Johns Church too, to clear their asses out so he could have a photo op.

Imagine that.   I have to admit I didn't have "Trump gasses priests" on my Dystopian bingo card.  Even though I'm sure Trump has a lot of gas, like a tremendous amount of gas.  He's always looked really gassy to me and I would not want to be in the room when that girdle comes off. 

Oh, and also, Bunker Bitch announced he's going to invade states one by one who don't kneel to his wishes. With the United States military.  

Remember that Bunker Bitch called up Boss Putin just this morning so we know who gave the orders to destroy democracy and rip apart the United States.   Please remember that the next time a Republican tells you they're a patriot.  LOL.   That's funny.

After this, Bunker Bitch waddled across the street to St. John's church, where he ridiculously held up a bible.  That the bible didn't burst into flames could be proof positive that there is no God I guess.  God might exist though.  God might be so fucking flabbergasted that this motherfucker pulled this and then waived a bible around, and is taking a minute.  And it is important to note that Trump never actually entered the church.   That may have been the final straw.  Since this piece of shit has never actually been in a church, we'll never know. 

I imagine all over white America, MAGA women swooned.  

"Oh did you see him lift that BIBLE?!"  "He can grab my pussy any time!"

Think about that for a minute.   I'm sorry, I just tell you what's going on.  I can't help this. 

So to nutshell this thing, Trump had peaceful protesters and PRIESTS tear gassed and shot with rubber bullets, so he could take a picture at a church.  Just as Jesus would do!  And all over the nation, white people went crazy!  "WOW!  What a man!"

This is what his voters thinks a man acts like.    

I said earlier that Trump is going to try and Nixon this thing.  The only question is whether there are still enough racist white people for this to work. 

The other question is whether blue states are going to sit down and shut up and take the boot of the red states on our throats.  The red states, otherwise known as the welfare states, whom we support, shat Trump out into the WH, and now he's going to invade us.

How long can this stand?  See, that's the real question.  How long can the majority be ruled by the minority?  

How long can the wealthy, educated, blue states, who support the red welfare states, allow those stupid fucking hate-filled yokels to bring the boot down on our heads?  

If this thing doesn't get solved in November, there's going to be a reckoning.  And with Boss Putin helping his boy, I don't know that this is going to be solved in November. 

But, flood the voting booths.  Vote. Vote. Vote Blue.  Across the board.  Sweep these Putin-loving little bitches out of office all the way.  Not just Trump.  Every single one of his GOP enablers have to go too.  And that's all of them.  Every single Republican.  Must go.  

We can take this laying down.  Or we can stand up and get our asses to Washington DC.

We need an American Spring.  

Pack your bags. Let's get this done.  I'm on my way.  


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