Donald Trump, Amy Barrett, and Suburban Married White Women

I'm a white woman, and even I cannot hope to explain suburban married white women and their votes.   Do they have their brains removed the same day they speak their vows?  I'd wonder if they're dickmatized, but honestly, I know a lot of their husbands and...I just don't see how that could be.

Now, I do know they lack empathy, so I get that they couldn't give a fart in a windstorm about LGBTQ rights, racial minority rights, voting rights, etc.   These are some single-minded women and they don't give a fuck who they run over.  If you doubt me visit a Target any Saturday or Sunday.  Target is  like their mega-church.  And these bitches come on a mission.  They wheel that cart like a speed demon and wield it like a weapon, and you do not want to accidentally stumble into their way because they will mow you down.

I call them Wagon Wheeled Beckys, and you can bet I look to avoid them by going to Target, if I must go to Target, on weekday late mornings when they usually have other fish to fry.  Whether it be working, childcare, fucking the pool boy, whatever.  

So the idea that suburban married white women don't give a shit for anybody but themselves is not news to me. 

I am just going to speak about those I know personally.  Every Becky's got a story, and they're all boring as fuckall.  So let's use the ones I know as examples and try and figure out what in heck is going on in Levittown. 

So I know this one white woman, on her second marriage, who had an abortion at the age of 18.   Her mother, who is now a rabid Trumpster and has been anti-choice since choice no longer affected her or her daughter, paid for this abortion.  Eagerly so.   And the woman herself, votes Republican every single year.  And she voted for Trump.  And she will vote for him again.

I have no explanation for this phenomenon among white women.  They themselves have abortions, taking full advantage of their reproductive freedoms, later marry, and then decide that what was good for them isn't good for you.  You'll have that baby, and too bad about you if you don't like it.  You have no choice.  Becky who had a choice, has decided you aren't getting the same choice she had.

My pretty educated guess is that they rewrite their own stories in their heads.  They made a terrible mistake, but it was totally innocent and they've since forgiven themselves.  They were so wide-eyed, they didn't even want to have that sex!  Lord knows they didn't enjoy it!   It was different in their case!  Why, they're really kind of a heroine when you look at it.  They overcame that terrible mistake they made in the backseat of Jack's car, which was really his fault, and then went on to be a God-fearing mom and wife!  I mean, practically a saint, if you really think about it.  You know, I can almost hear Hollywood calling!  Film this!

But those other women having abortions are just sluts and whores.  Some of them are even trying to fuck poor Becky's fat husband at the office while she's in Target maiming old ladies. 

But let's put fucking aside.  What about their little kids and school shootings?  I know one woman who looked haunted when talking about sending her little kids to grade school.  She told me she hopes something is "done about this" by time they got there.  Well, they are there now, and what got done is she voted for Trump, who just nominated a woman to the Supreme Court who wrote a legal opinion stating felons cannot regain their right to vote, but they sure can have guns.

Where's the disconnect there?   See?  You can't explain that shit.  So here's where I have to conclude, these women are just fucking stupid.  And you can't talk to them because their loudmouthed bully husbands are always right there, and they will and do scream over you.  

So that's it.  There's nothing to be done about these dummies.  You can't cure stupid, and once they get married even if they gain some dim awareness of what they're actually voting for, their husbands will shout that right down.  And then they might get divorced because some slut in the office who had an abortion will fuck their now fed-up husband, realize what a prize this meathead is, and steal him.  

Next thing you know, Target Becky is shopping in Walmart. 

I mean, I don't know.  You got a better explanation?  

I know yet another woman whose daughter has been on the pill since she was a teen.  But she votes Trump, and I can promise you, has not one clue what  Griswold v. Connecticut or Eisenstadt v. Baird are.  Nor what overturning them would mean.  Neither does her now voting age daughter, who also votes for Trump.

That's pure ignorance.   Of course, they have their asses parked in NYS, where their rights will be protected by Governor Andrew Cuomo, whom they mock  me for supporting!  So they will live free, for now, thanks to me, whom they hold in derision, while consigning economically vulnerable women in red states, to the fucking Handmaid's Tale.

And. They. Don't. Care. 

So some of it is complete lack of empathy.  A lot of it.  But some part of it, best exemplified by the gun issue, is just pure pig ignorance. 

I don't know the cure for it.  I don't think there is one. 

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