Do We Really Need To Talk About Trump's Pants Situation?

I don't expect much anymore.  I'm happy Biden is President and did an amazing job with the vaccine roll out and logistics, and that I kind of have my life back.  But I don't expect it to last.  I know Trump will be back.

Or someone worse.  Someone smarter but just as evil.

But do I really need to log onto Twitter and see #trumppants trending?

My whole Twitter feed was closeups of this:


It's not okay to do that without a trigger warning.   

I don't know what's going on there.  Some say he's got his pants on backwards.  No way is this dude capable of zipping his pants in the back, so no.  It looks like they're pullups, and  you know, likely because he has issues.  Control issues.  Issues dressing, whatever.

I don't like this.  I don't care.  There are plenty of good people who for so many different reasons need adult diapers, have a big stomach, can't zipper their damn pants, and etc.

They don't deserve to be made fun of and mocked.  And the other thing is, you make Trump an object of pity. 

But then, Trump makes himself an object of pity.






It goes on and on.   I do think that when he was President we the American People deserved to know, and had to know, if he was having cognitive issues, which I believe he was and is.  And if he runs again, we need to know.  We are entitled to know this information.  

But as it stands now, all this shit does is make other people feel bad if they have, or love someone who has, a similar issue.  And it turns Trump into an object of pity.

Trump is not pitiful.  He is very evil.  He's a fucking monster.  He made babies suffer to excite his base.  He did this.

He, I believe, has raped women.  I believe E. Jean Carroll.  I believe he raped her in the Bergdorf Goodman dressing room.  I absolute 100% believe her.  

I also highly doubt she's his only victim.  We know for a fact he commits serial sexual assault, as he is on tape bragging about it. 

Oh, and he tried to pull off a coup.  He absolutely, 100% attempted to overthrow the duly elected government of the United States, and end our Democracy.

Full Stop bitches. 

He did that. 

He can never, ever, be permitted to reach power again, nor can any of his progeny. 

So I really don't want to talk about his stomach, or his slurring, or his word salad. That just reminds people of their grandpa who was a victim of dementia, but harmless, and it makes them feel pity. 

This is a monster.  It makes me sick to see him.  I can't laugh at him.  I fear him.  You should too, because he's still trying to overthrow the government.  

He has told people he will be "reinstated" by August this year.  

Nobody knows what this means. 

But if January 6th didn't teach you that when the devil is making plans you best take those plans seriously, then you are incapable of learning.

But I learned.  

So please stop laughing at his "FUPA" and start realizing that the devil's hands have not been idle.  

And that's not good news for good people.  Or for Democracy. 



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