DO NOT COMPLY's Melodramatic Snowflakes

Righties live very exciting lives inside their own minds where they are the absolute dead-center of everyone's attention and thoughts.

I remember reading a profile of Roger Ailes and boy was he paranoid.  That guy actually believed terrorists were out to murder him and took all kinds of precautions.  He installed a bunker underneath his home with six months worth of supplies in case of attack.  He believed "liberals" might pull off a tactical military takeover of his compound.  A commando team led by Chris Hayes no doubt. 

Now, I certainly would believe it's possible the father of one of his rape victims was looking to murder his ass, but liberals and Muslim (of course) terrorists?  Nah.

Or, maybe one of his rape victims herself.  Now that's a movie I would watch!

I was thinking about this when I saw maybe the 50th "DO NOT COMPLY" on Twitter.  You know, most of those tweets are written by right wing luminaries who have already "complied" because their fat, old asses are triple-vaxxed - you can be sure they've already had their booster.

Dying of Covid is for the common people, certainly not them.  And those common people take their melodramatic words to heart and start screaming "DO NOT COMPLY" at protests.  At crowded protests.  Where no doubt, some catch Covid and die.  Or just get really fucked up.  Or barely notice but spread it to someone who dies. 

What the fuck does DO NOT COMPLY mean in this context?  Why does every asshat, uneducated move they make have to sound so important?  They're not starring in Braveheart.  They are refusing to get a vaccine that the government has made available for free, and btw, had not mandated, so what the fuck are you not "complying" with?  Saving your own worthless life?

Look at the shirt in the header picture, "I will not comply <vaccine needle> to communism".

Do these people know what the fuck communism is???

Communism is an economic system where the people via the state own the means of production you dickwits.  WHY ARE YOU SO STUPID?

Now of course, President Biden has instituted a vaccine mandate for businesses of 100 people or over.   

So I guess now their emo "DO NOT COMPLY" cries finally have some validity.  So don't comply.  Now it will get you not only dead but unemployed.  Who cares?

Seven Hundred Thousand Americans are dead from Covid, with who knows how many more suffering permanent and even disabling effects.  This is a public health crisis, and like Polio, we now have a vaccine.  To save people's lives and health.

That's all.  This is not a movie and you are not the star, and this isn't about you, and nobody gives a fuck about you.  Get that straight.

I know life can be difficult, and life can be boring, and when Thoreau wrote "most men lead lives of quiet desperation" he was right, except he left out women who often do twice the labor in any hetero household and are if anything, more desperate.  

If you can't change your life, and need a fantasy life, I'm not here to judge.  In fact, I personally am not so sure a fantasy life cannot be just as real as a real life.  If what we think of as real life is even real, which who knows?  Maybe we are all in some very advanced Meta/Second Life simulation. 

There are healthier fantasies to have than believing you're the star of some bizzaro world "The Scarecrow and Mrs. King" and JFK Jr. who never really died is transmitting secret messages to you about pedophilia.  

Chris Evans is right there folks!

And if he's not your jam, then invent a secret fantasy world where you are a famous actor/actress/sports star/singer/explorer what the fuck ever and live in it whenever you can.  Think of it yourself.  Populate it yourself.  Do I have to do everything for you whining little shits? 

But please shut the fuck up about movie stars drinking children's blood, Qanon, and whatever you do stop squealing "DO NOT COMPLY" so the rest of us can get some fucking peace around here. 

Here's something else you can do to improve your life.  Instead of waking up each morning obsessing about vaccinations, wake up determined to do one little thing that will make one person feel better that day.

Maybe it's a compliment, maybe it's giving someone who really needs it five dollars, or maybe you can feed a hungry child.  Or maybe you can just smile at someone instead of screaming and spitting your Covid-juice all over them. 

This should take up some of your time and get your head out from your own ass.  

I know this is hopeless, because up until a few years ago I lived in a very white, very suburban, very safe and ordinary complex.   And the below is 100% the truth, and trust me, I do know it's very difficult to believe, because I couldn't believe it and I was right there.

There was a man who used to complain to the HOA about the cornstalks they put up by the lampposts around Halloween.  He felt "the terrorists" could easily hide behind them.

I swear to God to you this happened.  My friends, there are no terrorists lurking and hiding behind cornstalks on suburban Long Island.

Then another one, and this guy I know very well, told me personally that he kept his "head on a swivel" when he left for work so early that it was still dark outside.

Why?  Because a "van" of terrorists could be casing the place just waiting for someone like him to wander out, grab him, and "cut his head off on television".

So these two were living very exciting, if bugfuck nuts, interior lives. Why, the terrorists were out to get them!  Even to behead them on live television!  

I guess this relieved the boredom and mundane grind of just walking outside, getting into their cars, and leaving for work.  They had to dodge terrorists in vans and hiding behind cornstalks. 

I'm sure that today they are screaming "DO NOT COMPLY".

Anything to not face the banality of existence.  Can't they just drink, smoke weed, and have inappropriate sex like the rest of us? 

I am so tired of their emo, snowflake bullshit. 



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