Covid Truthers; Too Cool for School?

Does anybody know what the deal is with these covid truthers?  I know some of them died choking, their last words "oh this is actually real, my bad",  but that doesn't seem to have made the slightest impact on the rest of them?

One of my cousins posted this picture on his Facebook:


What does that mean?  Another cousin made the laughing out loud emoji expression to it.  I guess she got it?  Or did she?   Is this something the cool kids do to signal their coolness?  And none of them have any idea what anything really is or means?

Let me slice and dice that right away. 

Neither one of these cousins were ever fucking cool.  Not necessarily picked on, more like invisible.  At their 10 year HS reunions most of the other attendees would have no idea who they were. 

I know one of them definitely voted for Trump and I have my suspicions about the laughing one.  I'm not sure she even votes, or would have voted for Trump, but I do know she likes the kind of men who did.   She's really caught up in that "real man" thing.  Do you know why?  It's because no one in HS wanted to date her because she wasn't cool.  LOL.  I'm not joking!

So she idolized the football captain or whoever his meatheaded, muscular equivalent in her particular high school was, and spent her post-HS years trying to date the type.  And the type, votes for Republicans.  And now, today, the type votes for Trump, is bald or balding, aging very badly,and you can catch him on viral videos threatening minimum wage employees who ask him to wear a mask. 

Just makes you weak in the knees, right? 

As for OG Trekkie.  You might think I'm gonna make fun.  You're wrong. Because so am I.  So let's talk about how stupid he is instead.


When we were kids, he and his brother used to build models of the Enterprise and they knew all the parts of the ship and apparently didn't understand the actual show.   

His brother is a real nut and has an internet talk show which my third male cousin guests on sometimes.  Together, they have done such things as disproved evolution, proved Joe Biden is an alien lizard, and shredded all of Einstein's theories.  Oh yeah.  I could do a book, trust me.  The third cousin is like he who will not be named, you know?  If I started writing about them, it'd be hilarious, but I fear a visit from the FBI.  I'm sure they've got questions. 

Anyway, getting back to the Star Trek thing, how can you be an OG Trekkie and think Covid-19 is a hoax?   If you believe the pandemic will be over when politicians don't need it for their own nefarious purposes anymore, then you believe it's a hoax. 

Now, it goes without saying that Spock would never.   But what does need to be said is; neither would Kirk!  And that's not McCoy from my Enterprise in that meme, it must be McCoy from "Mirror, Mirror."

Yesterday, Trump melted.  I'm gonna write about that next.   He melted like physically AND mentally.  I saw him.  He was sweatin like a goddamn pig as my grandfather would say.  Sweating like a guilty man I say.   And talking absolute nonsense.  Incoherent.  A madman.  An incoherent madman spouting nonsense.

And if you don't see that at this point?  You're a moron.  Not a cool kid.  A moron.  An imbecile.  And there is no debate.  We're so far past that.  It's a fact, moron.  Okay?  

And that's how I deal with these people.  I sign someone sane up to vote, I make a donation, and I  move on.  These imbeciles will never be changed, they're too stupid.  They need to be made irrelevant.  And the only way we do that is to vote in greater numbers.  Now, anyone who has been in Target lately, knows that morons are large in number.  What they lack in sense, they make up for in quantity.  

But there's more of us still.   Let's go.  Because we cannot allow the people we wouldn't fuck in high school to foist Trump on us again as their revenge for forced High School celibacy.

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