Confessions of an Incel

I've hit the Incel jackpot peeps. Years ago, I posted on a political message board.  I returned recently just to peruse, and found some Incel gold.

Incel 1: "That is how it works...
Women use sex to get things.
Men use things to get sex.
Things being something of value like money, jewelry, etc."

Incel 2 "And women are in charge of when sex happens, women have the power.

The feminists have lied all along"

Incel 1: "Yep, they have half the money and all the pussy, what more do they want?"

Incel 2: "Well as men have become feminized women want us less and are increasingly unhappy...That sure is interesting."

Normal Person:  "Jesus Christ, do any right wing men know that most women have sex because they like having sex? LOL What a thread."

Incel 2: "Says who?  I am almost certain that you are want sex, women want emotional closeness, and they use sex to get it. If the men did not have a strong desire for sex and did not reward women who provide it then the women generally would not want to do sex. Because men want sex so much being the regulator of when sex happens is power.

This is proven science."  (you probably think I'm making this line up.  I am not.)

2nd Normal Person:  "This is not my experience in my life or with the women that I know."

Incel 2: "That's fine, but science has spent a fair amount of time on this, you might check in with what they have to say."

2nd Normal Person: "I am telling you what science has to say. Sex is enjoyable for both sexes for pretty much every mammal. This isn't the iron age when women were forced to marry some jackass that didn't turn them on. Orgasms is the largest reason humans have sex, not "emotional closeness". Now closeness is a side effect... but women enjoy sex, their orgasms are just as good as the ones men experience."

Incel 2: "You are lying....Women in the majority of encounters dont even orgasm because of the man, that is thus not why they do it.

You should launch an investigation before you speak further on this subject."

Incel 2 after further thought:  "You might have become confused because women so often pretend to orgasm."

Of course, eventually, as with all things Incels, Trump came up:

3rd Normal Person: "Pretty funny, plus, he had to take a women furniture shopping just hoping to get laid." (referencing Trump's infamous "grab em by the pussy" tape)

Incel 3: "and you've never gone shoe shopping? or to the 2nd hand stores? or to the mall? ( back then)??
and yes furniture shopping
....many a saturday morning pick her up and hope the day ends well back at her house"

Incel 3 upon further thought:  "how else do women get men to go shopping?
Looking back on it I had a good time -especially doing the thrift stores
( I couldnt afford the high end girls)..but it is how it goes"

Could I make this shit up?  Well, actually I could, but even I would have thought "women don't enjoy sex, that's just SCIENCE" a bridge too far.  

Sometimes I feel men are too generous, bestowing gifts like this.  I wonder to myself "is this all for me? you are far too kind"

Waterboarding couldn't drag these confessions out of most men, but give Incels some anonymity,  a keyboard, and step back!

Each of the 3 incels have something in common other than their lifelong failure to bring a woman to orgasm.

They are all Trumpsters.  And of course, they all despise Hillary Clinton, and need to be chained to a tree for their own safety whenever her name comes up.







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