Can We Get Some Actual Hot Guys in Rom-Coms Please

Yesterday, this tweet came across  my timeline:



And her timing couldn't have been better.  I had already been thinking about this after reading about Jlo's upcoming rom-com "Marry Me".   Owen Wilson plays the male lead.

Now, WTF?  This really ruined the whole idea of the film for me.  To me, Owen Wilson is sexless.  An amorphous, sexless blob who gets around by bicycle, and has a weird personality.   Why am I supposed to consider that hot?  Like, riding a bike isn't a personality. 

Watching one of the  most beautiful women in the world fall in  love with this guy stretches credibility to the point of breaking it.   

Now, it's true I have a real thing for Wilson; something about him just annoys the shit out of me.  But, this whole situation takes me back to "When Harry Met Sally".  What a script!  The script was so good that I was able to sit through it even though the male lead was the completely unfuckable, fugly Billy Crystal.  Who would ever believe that a guy looking like Billy Crystal was walking around NYC and couldn't beat the women off with a stick!  Other unfuckable men, that's who.  Oh, he was in such big demand that he couldn't make a commitment. 

Are you serious?

Speaking of unfuckable, why is Jennifer Aniston making so many rom-coms with the modern poster boy for the term?  Adam Sandler.

Again, I ask, are you serious?

Intolerable Cruelty,  from 2003, is one rom-com that stands out in my mind as having two leads I can buy couldn't keep their hands off each other; George Clooney and Catherine Zeta Jones.

But it's the exception that makes the rule.  Hollywood knows that women are the target audience for their romantic comedies, but they keep shoving these fugly dudes at us, convinced we'll find their "offbeat attractiveness" (read, FUGLY) cute.

Well, they're not cute.   They must be what Hollywood executives want us to find cute.  Could that be because these executives are old, fugly white dudes themselves?

I don't buy Owen Wilson as a romantic lead.  I won't see Marry Me because I don't buy him as someone Jennifer Lopez falls in love with.  I don't want to buy him as someone Jennifer Lopez falls in love with.  I want to see Jlo fall in love with a HOT guy.  

There's an old myth that men are more "visual" than women when it comes to whom they're attracted to.  Men go for the hot looks, women like someone kind.

First of all, I doubt any of these actors are "kind", but even written that way I don't care.

As for the "women aren't visual" thing, Chris Evans and Jason Momoa didn't get born, become famous, and take their shirts off to listen to this bullshit.

Women are visual.  If you are going to cast a rom-com, give us something believable.  Give us a male lead who is as sexy as your female leads.  You know, it's not that much to ask. 

And catering to this absolute bullshit is what gives men in real life the idea that they should be with women way out of their league.  I've noticed this forever.  Nobody had to tell me this.  When I was 17 and interning on Wall Street (don't get me started, I've got stories), I was subjected to the idiotic thoughts of one of these clowns on the Long Island Railroad.

He was seated behind me so I couldn't see him, but boy could I hear him.  He was talking to his train buddy about how his wife had gotten "fat".  I don't remember the exact words, but I do remember he used the word "fat" more than once and was really demeaning about her.  You know, his wife.  Very likely, also the mother of his children. 

I really wanted to see him and when the train stopped and I got up, I looked right at him.  And he was balding and fat himself!  I couldn't believe it.  Well, I was still young.

You know what he did?  He looked me up and down and gave me a big smile.  Me, a 17 year old girl!  This guy thought he should be with me, not the woman he was married to whom he had just been degrading.  I was so pissed, as young as I was.  And I never forgot it.

Hollywood, stop your nonsense.  We'll tell  you who we think the hot guys are, you don't tell us.  For other films, sure cast whoever you want.  But for rom-coms?

I'm gonna need to see something for those. 



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