Bunker Boy Melts Down On Call With Nation's Governors



JUST IN: President Trump unloads on the nation's governors on a call, calls on them to step up enforcement: "You have to dominate, if you don’t dominate you’re wasting your time. They’re going to run over you, you’re going to look like a bunch of jerks. You have to dominate."

— Ed O'Keefe (@edokeefe) June 1, 2020


Bunker Bitch had a meltdown for the history books on a phone call with America's governors this morning.  He is probably still ranting and screeching.  Hilariously, CBS has obtained the recording.   This stupid mf'er actually allowed himself to be recording melting down.

Trump is yelling at America's Governors claiming they are "weak" and ordering them to "dominate".

Trump has always played the politics of domination.  It's why he stalked Hillary around that debate stage, breathing heavy into the back of her head.  A petite woman, that fat fuck loomed over her, and in his mind, this was domination.  And the minds of a lot of woman-hating Americans, agreed.

And in order for Trump to dominate, someone must be subjugated. Someone must kneel.  Someone must lose.  Someone must be humiliated.  Someone must be jailed.   This is who Trump is.  This is who white America squirted into our White House, like a car full of drunks after a taco bell run. 

Alarmingly, Bunker Bitch, feeling terrified, is demanding protesters be "locked up for 10 years".

And one of the little bitches he owns, Tom Cotton from Arkansas, is out there demanding military troops in our streets. 

Senator Tom Cotton is a white supremacist Arkansas was kind enough to shit out into Washington DC where he can hurt us all.  This trick, is the dude who hates black people so much, he specifically held up the nomination of Cassandra Butts, because he knew President Obama was fond of her and that it would cause him "special pain."

Ms. Butts died after over two years of waiting for confirmation.  She was never confirmed.

That's who Tom Cotton is.  That's the shit the red states are sending our way.  

This is going just about where you thought it would.  A terrified President, whose personal physical cowardice has been a defining trait of his life, is so scared even though he's in a fucking bunker with SS protection, he's going to attempt to smash this country to smithereens. 

Where is Mitch McConnell?  Where is "statesman" Mitt Romney?

Does the elected Republican live that has one ounce of moral courage?  That can stand for their country?

Joe Biden is going to have to vow to pardon any protesters Bunker Bitch gets Barr to imprison.  I think they will attempt to use federal terror statutes against them.  I have long feared this actually.  It's not a surprise.  

And you need to get out there and vote.  I don't want to hear any shit about you don't like Biden.  Shut up and vote. 

Vote Blue. 

This goes double for any white leftists who decided they were too special to vote for Hillary Clinton, which would have avoided this entire disaster.  It won't be your lily white ass they lock up for ten years.  This ain't about you.






Here you go.  Putin playing his puppet like a piano again.  He knows just where to hit Trump; his very questionable manhood.   Putin wants America to burn.  So he gets on the horn with his boy and orders him to burn it.

And yet, Republicans call themselves patriots.  The same people who sold their country out to Russia, and in return got a man who hates the same people they hate.  

Boss Putin ordered Bunker Bitch to burn down America.  What is Boss Putin gonna want when Trump loses in November?  Because Trump will still hold power for nearly 3 months.  And whatever Boss Putin wants, Boss Putin gets.

Boss Putin is running America now.  Good work Republicans.  You've managed to define the term "useful idiots" for the ages. 

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