Blue States Will Never Risk a Republican Governor Again

The Republicans suffered an epic wipeout in their California gubernatorial recall effort.  This really is no surprise, but for some months the media was jerking itself off telling us Gavin Newsome was in trouble and could lose.  Maybe the polls showed it closer at the time, but what the media has missed is this: the modern GOP is bugfuck nuts.

They are so freaking busy trying to normalize these lunatics, that they have succeeded in normalizing them; to themselves.  But sane America isn't buying.  Sorry New York Times!  Sorry Chuck Todd!  Sorry entire Washington DC press corps!

The days of a George Pataki being elected Governor of NYS are long gone.  The Republican party is completely batshit and blue states looking at what Abbott  did in Texas isn't helping.  No blue state is going to bring that shit home.  We don't want drooling, knuckle-dragging Incels empowered to bounty hunt women they suspect had abortions.  We don't want anyone empowered to do that. 

Nor do we want any of that DeSantis magic here. Keep your horse meds in Florida please!

I'm sure a lot of California residents didn't like Newsome for various reasons, anymore than I liked Andrew Cuomo when I voted for him last time.  Now, I'm not sorry I won't have to vote for Cuomo again, but if it were him or a Republican, I would.  Because I am not living under the rule of a madman or woman. 

Boy there must have been shock and awe inside the beltway hack media this week huh?  They have been so busy normalizing the January Trump-led insurrection against the government of the United States they didn't see this one coming. 

"Gosh Chuck, do you think normal people don't like hunting women"? a flabbergasted Maggie Haberman must have asked. 

Imagine how shocked Maureen Dowd was!  She's permitted to hand over her fucking New York Times' column to her idiot brother yearly.   You know, I have an idiot brother who worships Trump too, but the NY Times doesn't give him a column.  Not that I'm clamoring for it, believe me.  But also believe me that he doesn't sound any dumber that Dowd's meathead who the Times fluffs as a "real American" to show us liberal bubble-dwellers what's what.

They spent so much time up the ass of Kevin Dowd and every other moron in middle-America and southern diners, they didn't realize the majority of Americans are normal people who are looking at these horse med guzzling lunatics and asking "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING ASKING THEM ABOUT ANYTHING?"

Where I come from, we lock crazy people up.  Okay, now we nod sadly and say "they need help" and vote for increased funding for  mental health services, but trust me when I say we know they are crazy fucks.  Normal people cross the street when we see them coming, we don't ask them for medical advice for God sakes!

The United States media is so out of touch with normal folks because they were gaslit by the actual crazies in the Republican party into believing that their base are the normal folks.

I mean, it's really hilarious when you think about it.  These reporters are so dumb they allowed themselves to be gaslit into believing people holding up signs reading "KEEP THE GOVERNMENT OUT OF MY MEDICARE" and screaming about microchips in their vaccines are normal and have some sort of "down home" common sense.

Well, no they don't.  They are taking farm animal meds and probably fucking the farm animals too!  They think FDA-approved meds turn them into magnets. I mean, wtf is going on here?  How could you explain any of this to a normal person?

You can't.  All this time the media has tried gaslighting normal folks into believing we are living in bubbles because we don't believe actors are torturing children so they can drink their blood.  But all they accomplished is gaslighting themselves into believing these lunatics are normal.

Well they just got a big wake up call from the sane majority in this country.

And there's more where that came from dipshits!  Report on that.

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