Behind The Scenes Drama at General Hospital

The heyday of daytime soaps is long gone, but I'm convinced they could be brought back if only General Hospital, one of the last soaps standing, would film their behind-the-scenes (BTS) dramas instead of what they're actually airing. 

It's reality tv meets soapy drama, and I think it would beat the hell out of The View. Especially now that Meghan McCain packed her rage and slammed the door on her way out.  If we aren't tuning in to see what Meghan's hairstylist did to her that day, what's the draw?  


Meghan claims she gets along with her hair stylist just fine and she asks for these looks!  Which just makes me want to meet the stylist even more.  To do this to a person day after day, and get them to believe it was their that is some powerful mojo.  I cannot help but stan.

Anyway, there's a lot of shit going on so let's unpack it all.  First up, MAGA asshole Ingo Rademacher, whom the internet has taken to calling "Dingo".  I like it.   It's almost his name, and it's also close to Dildock, a class of morons he so excellently represents.   Don't know what a Dildock is?  Read the "about" page on this blog.  Maybe I should upload Dingo's picture there and "enough said" to make it even easier. 

Ingo is 100% MAGA and even dyes his skin orange in some deranged, half-assed tribute to the man himself.  

Apparently, on his social media accounts, which some poor fools actually follow?  Ingo has been posting anti-vaccine poopaganda for a while, which flew under my radar, because you know, Ingo Rademacher's Instagram is not a place you will find me.   Next thing you know, we get this from daytime legend Nancy Lee Grahan:



Now, I should mention that it is fucking fascinating how often soap twitter and political twitter collide.  It happens all the time, something that really surprised me when I first noticed soap Twitter.  I've been on Twitter since 2011 and almost solely followed political Twitter for the first 6 or 7.   But I stumbled across soap Twitter accidently one day, and I have some  mutuals there.  What's funny is some of them were already mutuals because our like-minded paths crossed on political Twitter. 

Is it because daytime soaps are political?  Nope, not at all.  But daytime soap stars sure know how to bring the drama.  And all soap fans know that nobody, and I mean nobody, has as much BTS drama going on as good old General Hospital.

Daytime soaps also have what appears to be an inordinate number of MAGA assholes.  Now, perhaps prime time shows also have their share, but when the paycheck is bigger and there's more to lose, you don't run your mouth off as easily?  I'm not really sure.  I don't think there's anything inherent about soaps that attracts these goons, but who knows. 

Okay, so the same week Nancy Tweeted that, Steve Burton came out and said he has Covid, he has to quarantine and he outright stated he got it at work.

Now, Steve Burton is a suspected MAGA.  He definitely seems like a dumb racist, and said some crazy shit on his podcast (who the fuck is listening to this shit??) about "ghetto clanks" and chicken and watermelon.  He should have been fired that day, but these white dudes get away with pretty much everything on daytime.  It's because daytime flies under everyone's radar, and because they're white men.  

But he also said on this podcast that he is vaccinated.  One of the three people who listen to it heard it.   So though we have no real proof, we believe Burton is vaxxed.  And since he got it at work, and made a special point of saying that, maybe he's pissed.  Maybe this is a MAGA fight.

And don't think those don't happen.  I saw my two MAGA brothers come to blows over a frigging dog Christmas 2016, while my Hillary-voting ass sat there sipping my spiked eggnog. 

Of course I say let them fight, but get out the popcorn bitches, this is gonna be good.

So what happens next?  The hashtag FireIngo trends on Twitter, and Ingo, being emotionally stable like most MAGAs, has a meltdown and here is that magic:



So now you have one of the stars of a show ranting and raving about the "morons" and "bigots" who watch the show.  I don't think Ingo here knows what a bigot is.  He definitely doesn't know what a moron is or he'd know he sees one in the mirror every day. 

Ingo and Nancy Lee Grahn have a history.  As far as I can tell from what's public, he bullies her and gets away with it.  Here is a video where he and Maurice Benard mock her like two very cruel high school bullies:



Nancy tweeted in response to this, but Ingo still had a job.  Maurice claimed they were friends and it was all a misunderstanding.  Sure.   To me it's beyond obvious this woman is being bullied in her workplace.

"Oh that couldn't happen."  No?  Let's go to a podcast Kimberly McCullough just did with Maurice.  Kim played Robin Scorpio since she was a child, but left GH and became a director.

Kim: "When I was a teenager, I remember Steve like yelling down the hall, ‘Thanks for joining us, McCullough!’ after I’d been through seven classes at school and driven an hour to Hollywood.” 

Maurice: “Steve was kind of a jerk early on. He’s not that now, but he could hurt people’s feelings.

Maurice: “I mean, we both kinda were,” he added, “but… he didn’t know when to stop. I kinda did.”

Years ago, Lindze Letherman who played Georgie Jones, called the dressing room area "testosterone alley" and specifically mentioned Burton so who knows what was going on there then.  The question is, is it any better now?  

We still don't know what happened behind the scenes with Billy Miller, a daytime superstar who was brought on to play Jason Morgan when Burton left the role.  Burton eventually returned, so there was a stupid twin thing to explain that, and a lot of buzz about behind the scenes drama between Burton, Kelly Monaco, and Billy Miller.  I'll never forget when Burton insulted Monaco on his, yes, stupid fucking podcast again, by saying she had aged.  

Like you didn't bitch?  And Ingo?  Ingo looks like my orange auntie.  So give it a rest. 

When Miller departed we did get a cryptic tweet or Instagram post from Kemo saying more would come out, but nothing ever did.  I'm sure she was shut down.  

Here's my favorite recent GH happening:



 So, Laura Wright (Carly) finds Twitter too negative does she?  Well, I know this is coming from the return of her real life boyfriend Wes Ramsey, who plays Peter on GH.  The character is widely hated, and known as "parking lot Pete" as apparently Laura was with him in a grocery store and they ran into the GH producer in the parking lot, and he hired her boyfriend on the spot.  Thus the character of Peter was created.

He was recently declared dead, but since there was no body, I knew Wes was coming back.  Soap Twitter was not happy.  So Laura did the flounce, but what's funny is, you are so worried about what strangers (who should NOT be tagging actors in their vicious comments by the way, stop doing that) on the internet say, and claim you love your costars, but girl, who are you kidding?

Your fucking costars hate each other in many cases, and there is far more drama going on behind the scenes than we ever see on screen.

The only question is when are the producers going to wake up and realize they've got gold, film this shit, and air it instead of the scripted series? 

Soap Twitter is reporting that a vaccine mandate was put in place by GH last Friday.  This tracks as Ingo had another Instagram meltdown and is now vowing no mandate or he'll gruesomely  kill himself by guzzling orange nail polish live on Facebook, or some such overwrought bullshit.  Whatever.   Oh Ingo has himself all worked up into a good old-fashioned melodrama fit just like my old auntie would.  There is more than a surface resemblance there. 

Nancy did say there were actors plural who were on set and unvaccinated, so it's not just Ingo, he's the only one dumb enough to brag about it.  My top  guesses would be MAGA Chad Duell who plays Michael, and whoever that idiot who plays Brando is.  

The only question is with the mandate in effect,  who will get the shot and who will decide to give up their paychecks.  I mean, nobody is lining up to hire Ingo, another thing he has in common with my aunt.  

I'm really hoping Chad doesn't get the jab because we have long needed a recast there.  He's just not up to it.  He has no chemistry with anyone, he's not hot, and he just brings nothing to what should be a leading man role.   But my guess is Chad folds, unfortunately.  

Brando is not needed and should be killed off.   As for Jasper Jacks...meh, I could go either way.  They could recast, but I think the character, after all these years, is just played out.  Kill him off, I'd be fine. 

They will likely have to make that choice on Jax, because Ingo seems like the kind of moron who will fling himself screaming onto the unemployment line, in the sad belief he's a real panty-dropper who shows are lining up to hire. 

He may next be seen looking for bananas in a Kirk Cameron straight-to-video production. 




  • RUDY

    Ever since I heard about Burton and his past and getting a virus and now Ingo, thinking of leaving it. It’s very boring anyways but knowing that we have the maga guys on the show it’s very disappointing.. maybe they pick on Nancy because she is actually the best actor on the show.. good to hear they’re going to make everybody get vaccinated..👍💉

  • Marcy

    omg Ingo does look like an old auntie, i’m dying. killing himself by guzzling orange nail polish! i would also love to know what happened to billy miller, love him and loved dream.

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