Attendees of Trump's Covid Hillbilly Hoedown

Okay folks, it's time to take a look at the various cranks, schizophrenics, psychotics, freaks, and other nutters who have been waiting for days outside of the BOK Center in Tulsa, to see this:



Let's start with Rosie.  Rosie's been waiting outside to see a fat shitstain rant and rave for four days.


I can smell that stinkass from here, can't you?  I dread the day they invent scratch and sniff tweets, I can tell you that.  You know it's coming.  

Here's one who's definitely not in a cult:



I count one mask in this part of the crowd:



No pre-existing conditions in this crowd:



Look at them trying to squeeze through the gates:



No obesity-caused diabetes in that crowd!

How many of them fucking morons will be choking to death on a ventilator by next week?  How many will have grass growing over them by the Fourth of July holiday?

Here's crazy Johnny to explain why that's not gonna happen and why they don't need masks:



And here we have my favorite pair of elected fruitcakes, none other than Elise Stefanik, representing NY21, and whose name is so helpfully close to Elise Stankass, it's as if her forebearers knew she was coming.   And the House's number one Trump nob-polisher, Lee Zeldin from NY1, out there in crazier-than-a-shithouse-rat Long Island, New York.   


So, Stankass and Zeldin are helping out their NY constituents by flying into Trump's Covid Superspreader Hoedown, maskless, and then coming back and infecting half of New York State.  Cuomo needs to slap these two idiots into quarantine. 

Oh, all the nutters are gathering in Tulsa today alright.   Proudly eschewing masks and "liberal idiocy" as they spread the Covid all around their families, their communities, and anyplace they stop on their way back.  

There's a song all this harkens me back to.


Don't go out tonight, it's bound to take your life, there's an orange moon on the rise.

People, Trump is going to be traveling the country all summer and into fall on his Covid Superspreader Tour.  And his stankass cult members are going to follow him, lining up in the hopes to die choking on their own fluids right in front of him, so he might bestow upon them a glance.  And they are going to spread it, spread it everywhere.

This just broke, literally breaking news:



Sit your ass at home until November, if you can.  Those who can't, and I know it's most people, sit your ass at home as much as possible.

He's fixin to kill us all.  Wear your masks, avoid Trumpsters at all cost, wash your hands, and stay home whenever possible.  I want you to live to see 2021, and a new day.  Because no one with a brain should have to go out this way.

Murdered by Trump's Dildock Army.  


Folks, I hate having to report this but it appears that attendance at Trump's Hillbilly Superspreader Hoedown has not lived up to expecations.  A sad story told in three tweets:





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