Andrew Cuomo Calls Press Conference to Brag About Groping Al Gore

New York State Attorney General Letitia James announced Tuesday that Governor Andrew Cuomo is guilty of having harassed, and even groped, numerous women.

Here's the key takeaway for me, although you can link to the full report here.

"Investigators laid out a devastating portrait of Cuomo’s behavior and extensive examples of unwanted touching, including an incident last November in which Cuomo allegedly embraced an executive assistant and reached under her blouse to grab her breast. Witnesses also described an environment in the governor’s office that was abusive and vindictive, with one of the women who came forward targeted for retaliation through the release of her personnel file, investigators said."

So, that's sexual assault actually.  He also laid hands on several other women in his employ, including running his fingers along one woman's stomach. 

Is there a woman alive this hasn't happened to?  

A man did that to me in the restaurant "Four" in Melville once.  This is back when the now-closed restaurant was a big hot spot on Long Island.  They had a unisex bathroom.  This guy knew someone I was there with and was hitting on me all night, at one point telling me I reminded him of the girl he lost his virginity to.  What an asshat right?

Here's the interesting thing; I was wasted.  On a combination of cocaine and whiskey like the song "Picture" goes.  

"Been fueling up on cocaine and whisky"

This was during a short period in my life that I was doing coke.  So I had some lines, and a couple of drinks and I will never forget the absolute perfect high I had that night.  I really felt as if I floated to the bathroom.

This guy who had been hitting on my followed me in, grabbed me, and then put his hand underneath my blouse and grabbed my breast.

This came to nothing since I yelled at him to get the fuck off of me.  There were people coming in and out of the bathroom, I wasn't alone.  And...he wasn't my boss.  He had no power over me.  Only the power men think they physically have over women, but that was ameliorated by the crowded venue the assault occurred in.  Though of course, you could also say I was sexually assaulted in a public, crowded place, and that would be just as correct.

The report also lays out how Cuomo tried to dig up dirt on his accusers.  This was something that really made my stomach clench in anger.

Isn't that what they always do?

If something worse had happened in the bathroom at Four to me that night, would I have reported it?

I was snorting coke and drinking what do you think would have happened to me?  What would Cuomo do with that information?  None of his victims were doing coke, but what if one was?  Do you think that would render her incapable of knowing what the fuck happened to her?  Because I can tell you it does not.

But they would have killed me with it.  So no, I wouldn't have reported it. Because  I know what happens to women who don't live up to the "perfect victim".  Something I never was.

There are people I follow on Twitter who are furious that Cuomo is being pressured to resign and is likely going to be impeached.  Because according to them, nothing ever happens to Republicans over things like this (by things they mean hurting women), and they are sick and tired of Democrats "eating their own".

So that's a lot to unpack.  I guess my question would be, if men in both parties are free to hurt women, then why the fuck am I voting?

Cuomo's press conference was unhinged in my opinion.  If it weren't for Trump's daily press conferences "Live From Pilgrim State Psychiatric Hospital, It's DONALD TRUMP!"  that press conference would have been the craziest shit I ever seen from a politician.

Cuomo actually had some poor fool make a PowerPoint presentation of all the people he has groped over the years, and he included pictures.  One of his victims was Al Gore.   So his defense basically is "Hey, I grope everybody, here is me groping Al Gore, you have to let me off!"

Some days Andrew, you should choose to stay home and shut the fuck up and that press conference was one of those days.   

Listen, I knew who Cuomo was, or thought I did.  I never thought he was a great guy.  In fact, in 2014 I didn't even vote for him.  I left it blank.  I voted for him the first time he ran, didn't in 2014, and did vote for him in 2018.  Why?


It was Trump.  By then we all knew Trump was a vengeful fuck who would come after New York and New Yorkers.  And in fact, he did attempt to murder us during Covid, along with the citizens of other blue states.  Jared famously said "fuck them blue states" or whatever.   I mean, this wasn't a shock.  

And who was going to protect New Yorkers from Trump?  The nasty bully himself, Andrew Cuomo.  I mean, I knew that.  I knew what he was.  I was under no illusions.   But it's not like Nancy Pelosi was on the ticket you know?  I didn't have a kick ass woman who could make short work of Trump as a choice, so I went with Cuomo.  And Cuomo did stand up to Trump.  I guess it was easy for him on account of how similar they are.

 What I didn't know, or even suspect, about Cuomo is that he was sexually harassing, assaulting, and degrading women.  I mean, that one took me by surprise.  I don't know why, he is a man isn't he?  How surprised can anyone really be when they found out a man is assaulting women?  I mean, really at this point, how surprised can you be?

I'm not voting for Cuomo again, ever.  I don't give a fuck who they bring back to the White House, it's not happening.

That man who sexually assaulted me in Four a decade ago?  I'll never know his name, but I still remember his face, and I can tell you I would not vote for him, okay?

And I'm not voting for Andrew Cuomo either.  So if you want to act like MAGA's then don't expect my vote.  Stop whining that Democrats "eat their own" and start being proud that we hold our own accountable.

Because we do.  And that is one difference in the two parties that the Bernie left will never acknowledge because they don't have the face to admit it, and also because they don't give  a fuck about women either.

But I do.  I give a fuck. 

Cuomo either resigns or they drag his ass out of their yelling and screaming. I really don't care which.  

But Cuomo goes.  Period. 

Because we're Democrats and we hold our own accountable and we will not tolerate this treatment of women.  


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