America and the Walking Dead

Do you think The Walking Dead was some sort of analogy for Americans?   I feel like I'm surrounded by zombies.  Trump zombies.  


Trump's delusional magical thinking cure of "it's not here, and if it is here, it's not a big deal, and if it is a big deal, it won't kill you personally" doesn't appear to be working folks!

How do Trumpster brains work?  Have they really not noticed that America has become the Covid shithole of the world?  That we are banned from traveling to other countries?  That we have the highest rates of infection?  That we are going up up up, while other countries are going down down down?

Do they think this happened by accident?  Their President doesn't do his job.  

And the zombies are everywhere.  Don't think we don't have them here in NY.  My freaking apartment building on Long Island is like Night of the Walking Dead.  Even at the very height of infection and lock down here in NY, the zombies were roaming the hallways, the stairwells, and the elevators, maskless.   There is no escaping them.  No matter how many emails the management office sends out, they still stalk the hallways and other common areas.  Looking to spread their Covid asses all over you.  

It was when I saw this photo, out of an Ohio mask protest, that I realized I was in a zombie movie



That's what it's like in my building.  I take pains to avoid them.  Checking through my peephole before leaving my apartment.  But, it's inevitable that while waiting for the elevator one of them will come along.  I quickly turn and head for the stairwell.   Where, some days, another maskless zombie is staked out looking for fresh meat.

I bought pepper spray in case the shit goes down, which seems inevitable because even when I make it out of my building, I face shit like this:






 And this



I know these people were always here, I do.  But who empowered them?  Who gave them succor?  Who became their leader?  Who, at the very top, refused to wear a mask as more and more Americans became sick? 


What has Trump done about the virus, can anyone tell me?  Now he is blackmailing our public schools demanding they open.  Other countries can open their schools, because their leaders acted and got the virus under control.  

Trump has let the virus run wild.  Worse, he has helped it run wild.   Now we face a new school year, we know that remote learning isn't working, and that school closures are terribly harmful to our children.  And we are between a rock and hard place.  Because Trump didn't do his job, and the virus has run wild.  We open the schools, people die.  We close the schools, we harm a generation of children, many, irrevocably. 

All of this is very clear.  Yet Trump supporters don't see it.  Instead, they lumber around, maskless, screaming and spitting on anyone who asks them to mask up.  They hold the truly deranged belief that wearing a mask is a conspiracy against them.

Trump's zombie army is on the march.  Sure, they're slow, but there's a lot of them.  They're gonna get some of us. 

And America has no plan.  Trying to hang on till November is not a plan. First of all, even if he loses, he still has until late January to inflict almost unimaginable damage on us. 

Secondly, his personal henchmen, Roger Stone and Paul Manafort, who worked with the Russians to fix the 2016 election for Trump, are out of prison.  Paul Manafort released over Covid concerns (LMAO) and Stone just had his sentenced commuted by Trump, his accomplice in the crimes Stone was convicted of covering up.   Can you imagine if Hillary tried this? 

What do you think they're doing?

What's the plan America?   

Roger Stone has a plan.  Paul Manafort has a plan.  Vladimir Putin has a plan.  Steve Bannon has a plan.  Every Trump that Don's many wives shat out, have a plan. 

What's our plan? 

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  • UK

    This is a good site…I’ve almost given up looking at it…because the numbers are monstrous. But as you can see, Suffolk is the highest number of new cases in New York STATE! We’ve been begging our older folks on the Island to keep locked down, as others seem to wander around like it’s all over… Thankfully, they do wear masks. Also they are Dems, so there is that…
    As to what the plan is…
    Die? In large enough numbers so it gets through?
    But for real…they’ll get it when the medical staff finally walk off their jobs because … exhaustion and survival mode

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