All The Single (White) Ladies

We've got a problem with white women.  So that there is no confusion, I am one.  Single white women were a part of the OG Obama coalition.  There has been a lot of ink spilt hemming and hawing about the fact that it is married white women who vote Republican.  Many claim it's because they need the so-called welfare state less than single white women.


White married couples are the first ones in line with their hands out.  They hated Obamacare but ask them about the provision within it that afforded their little angels to be on their parents' health insurance until the tender age of TWENTY SIX YEARS, and oh, they all supported that. 

Ask them how many of them took full advantage of Obama's remortgage policies during the Bush-caused housing collapse when so many of them went underwater.  That is to say, they now owed more on their homes than they were worth.  Underwater.  But they swam out by lining up for the Obama handouts, but in their cases, of course, it wasn't a handout, and it wasn't welfare.  

They were entitled to it.

So it's all a bunch of bullshit that covers up their racism.  If it's a handout to white people, especially to married white people, then it's only right.  If it's a social program that benefits black people, then it's welfare for the lazy fucks.

You can easily remember this rule by:  If you're white, it's only right. 

Remember, I have lived my whole life on America's first suburb: Long Island, New York.

Nobody knows married white women better than I do. 

Most married white women are what I call badge-blowers. Badge-blowers will always, as a demographic, vote to uphold white men because their lives, and this is important, THEIR FANTASIES, revolve around white men and the protector role they pretend these men play in their lives.

Half of them are cheating on their husbands with some other white douchebag.  Thinking about their next Coach bag while boning their equally despicable neighbor's husband. I know one who was screwing her brother in law. She voted Republican, and this was during their vaunted "family values" years.

I know one whose daughter got pregnant at 16, a fact she hid from her husband while racing her daughter off to the clinic where she paid for her abortion.

And yet, she's "pro-life" and votes that way.  By the way?  The daughter?  Also now "pro-life" and voted twice for Trump, the serial sex assaulter whose 3 Supreme Court picks will overturn Roe, whether literally or effectively. 

Because see, married white women, and their daughters, only make little mistakes.  It's those other women who are whores using abortion as birth control.  They only need choice that one or two times.  And now they will never need it again, so why not vote to strip women of the same rights they enjoyed, and used?

These women are the heroines of their own movies, which run in their heads 24/7.  

Believe me, when their innocent little Janie comes home with a bun in the oven they will make sure an abortion happens.  And God forbid little James comes home and announces "hey Mommy, I got Stacey pregnant" you better believe an abortion will take place.  And they will have the resources to make sure it is safe. 

So you can write off married white women, as a block.  

It's single white women we need to get to the polls.  

Now that all of the bernie broette idiots who showed up at the 2016 Dem convention with duct tape across their mouths to signal they have been forced into silence (meanwhile, no berner of any gender anywhere ever shut their fucking yap, or I might be able to get some peace around here) are going to lose their reproductive rights, they may have a come to Jesus moment where they realize that 


And since most single women were never Berners, we can concentrate on just getting single white women out to vote.  Why just single white women?  Well, because black women of any marital status always vote.  So just say thank you and leave them the fuck alone. 

You can march all you want, and yes there will be massive women's marches for reproductive rights coming, but you MUST vote.  Always.  In off year elections especially.  Off year elections is where Republicans have made so many gains.

Your married mothers and sisters and friends are voting, and guess what?  They voted away your rights.   They think they don't need them anymore.  They don't give a shit about you, who they think is probably a slut anyway. 

Get your behind to the polls and let no man stand in your way.  When those Marxist dicks come along spouting their bullshit, think about when they are going to be forced to carry a fetus to term, to lose their rights to control their own bodies.

Because that day is called "never".  

And 2022 needs to be the year of the election activist.  Fuck the marches, or go if you want, but make sure you are on the ground knocking on doors to get a pro-women candidate elected.  

We need a march alright, and it's called boots on the ground.  

And let those boots have high heels. 


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